Welcome to Charly Cares

Yes, you can start babysitting! But before you do, founder Charly would like to personally tell you something. Check out the video!

Golden rules at Charly Cares

To make babysitting at Charly Cares as easy and fun as possible, we're introducing 3 Golden Rules. These apply to both parents and babysitters.

1. All babysitting jobs are arranged in the app

Make sure you're always booked via the app. We will make sure you'll receive your earnings automatically. Also, you're always insured, just in case something happens. And the best part? Everything is free of charge for you!

2. Cancelling a booking? That's only possible in case of an emergency or illness.

Once you have accepted a booking, parents assume you're coming. A deal's a deal! Only by high exception, you can cancel the booking. Please give our Customer Care team a call (020 - 210 23 23), so they will be able to arrange an alternative for the parents. Obviously, this also works the other way around: you count on your babysitting earnings, so a parent can also not simply cancel.

3. We care about you!

We're there for you! Do you need any help with a booking? Or do you want to tell us something about a babysitting service? Call or text us on 020 - 210 23 23. Save this number in your phone, so you have it right when you need it.

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