Love is in the air!Spoil the child(ren) you babysit a little.

The month of February is the month of love. How much fun is it to celebrate this with the kids you babysit? Make a smile appear on the kids’ little faces by playing their favourite game or craft a fun Valentine’s Day gift together for their mom or dad! Curious what else you can do? We give you 6 x the most fun things to do during the month of love!

#1 Heart(y) food.

Do you prepare the kids’ lunch, dinner or their daily fruit snack? Fashion the food in a heart-shape! For example, cut a sandwich in the shape of a heart, arrange the fruit in the shape of a heart or bake pancakes and make a topping in the shape of a heart. Or maybe you have a better idea, kids will love it!

#2 Read a story together

Is the weather typically stay-at-home weather? Grab the kids’ favourite book huddle up on the couch together. With a cosy blanket and a cup of tea, you can make reading together even more fun! Fairy tales like Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella fit Valentine’s Day perfectly and make the month of love extra fun!

#3 A visit to the playground

A child often doesn’t need a lot to have a great day. Take the kids to the closest playground and ask what they would like to play, think games like hide and seek or tag. These kinds of trips are favourites with every child!

#4. A Valentine’s gift for mom and dad

During the month of love, we certainly can’t forget Valentine’s Day! Help the kids you babysit with making the prettiest drawings on a sheet of paper and cut the paper in the shape of a heart afterwards. Surprise moms and dads with this on February 14th. The most memorable gifts they will receive are, of course, the ones made by their little ones themselves.

#5 Sing and dance to the best love songs

You probably still remember that one love song you used to sing along to as a kid. For some of us, these singing sessions consisted of half understandable English, but that did nothing to lessen the fun! Play all the love songs you can remember, from “my heart will go on” to Aladdin’s “a whole new world”.

#6 A search for love

In a search for love you will let the kids you babysit search for the famous heart-shaped sweets with funny texts on them. Of course, we don’t mean for you to stuff the kids full of sugar every day, but it is more fun to celebrate the period around Valentine’s Day with something sweet! Bring some heart-shaped candies, hide these around the house and search for them together!

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