This is how you can make your me-time last!5 tips to plan some time to yourself

Time for yourself is so important, but how do you plan for it? And more importantly, how do you keep it up? Even in these times, time for yourself is often neglected. Sound familiar? Still, me-time is important. It makes you happier, reduces stress, and gives energy. So give yourself a break! And with our tips, it will be even easier to keep this up, so read on!

#1 Don't view me-time as a luxury, but as a necessity

It is important to feel comfortable every day. Don't view me-time as a luxury that you can skip. No, view it as a necessity. Plan a weekly moment for yourself and stick to it. Let the whole family know that that is when you have time for yourself!

#2 Me-time is quality-time

Me-time doesn't have to be for you alone. It could also be quality time with your partner. Go out together without the children; take a walk, exercise, or go eat out at home. Enjoy some time together, it's paramount.

And try to also have conversations about things other than the children (but if we're honest, we sometimes find that quite difficult too).

#3 Don't feel guilty

You might feel guilty during your well-deserved me-time. Did you make the right decision leaving the children with a Babysitting Angel? And that one task is not completely finished yet... Don't listen to those feeling. Realise that if you feel good about yourself, the whole family will benefit. And taking some time to yourself is essential to that!

#4 Take care of the household together with the children

Taking care of the whole household while the little ones are asleep, are at daycare, or at school? Hell no! That's your time! Get the children a cleaning cloth when they are home and let them help you, they'll love it. Cleaning up might take a little longer, but at the end of the line you'll still have some time left. Hello me-time!

#5 Get help from a Babysitting Angel

It is not that crazy to ask a babysitter for help, even in these times. And did you know that a fixed Babysitting Angel often will help out with the household? Think of, for example, cooking and cleaning up. How convenient is that! And like we said, don't feel guilty. The kids will surely love seeing the same babysitter a bit more often!

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