Babysitting App Charly Cares introduces globally unique “Babysitting Angel” insurance

Charly Cares operates in the most sensitive sector there is: that of taking care of other people’s children. Four years after the start, the company is the first babysitting service to introduce a liability insurance with a medical helpline for all her babysitters. This all to safeguard the best quality and highest possible level of service for all her customers.

Angel insurance

Charly Cares is globally the first babysitting service with an insurance for babysitters. This insurance ensures that the ‘Babysitting Angel’ is insured for possible damage sustained during the babysitting service. “Unfortunately, accidents happen, especially with children. Material damage can occur, but also damage we’d rather not think of, such as an injury to the child. This insurance is of great added value to both our ‘Angels’ as well as the parents that are our customers”, says founder Charly van der Straten.

Medical helpline

The medical helpline is a valuable addition for Charly Cares’ customers. With the helpline, the babysitter has access to 24/7 support with the press of a button. If a child for example falls and scrapes their knee, a medical professional will provide a detailed explanation of how the ‘Babysitting Angel’ can best treat the injury. For parents, this increases the sense that their children are in safe hands with the ‘Angels’. Van der Straten always strives towards guaranteeing the safety and reliability of her service to her users. “We do this firstly by screening and monitoring our users, but just as much to prepare for a babysitting service. Our babysitters, for example, take First Aid workshops and receive detailed briefings before they babysit. Each child and babysitting moment is unique, which is something both the parents and babysitter need to be prepared for.”


The Babysitting Angel-insurance has come about in collaboration with Aon. “When Charly Cares was gathering information for a liability insurance for their ‘Angels’, we though it was important to look further than just an insurance,” says Hans van der Velde from Aon. “By adding the 24/7 medical helpline to the initial insurance needs, Charly Cares further improves their service and increases the reliability of the ‘Angels’ for the parents who use their service.” According the Aon, this innovative solution fully fits the character of Charly Cares.

About Charly Cares

From her student flat in Amsterdam, Charly van der Straten ran a babysitting bureau - ‘PAS OP’. In 2015, she joined forces with Xander Koenen and developed the Charly Cares app. With it, they found a gap in the market: parents can find a personally screened babysitter in their neighbourhood - fixed, flexible, or last minute. Nowadays, the company has grown to become the number one in the Netherlands in the sector of babysitting services and has over 60.000 active users in 8 cities. This year, the babysitting service plans to further expand to other cities.