We launched all of this recentlyLet's recap...

We've been busy! We've made a lot of developments in the app recently. You may have seen some of them, but we've listed all the changes for you. That way you (and we ourselves) will have a clear view of things!

Travel compensation

It is now possible, both as parents and Angel, to apply for a travel compensation if you live a little further apart. This lowers the threshold for an Angel to come to your house!

Cancellation policy

We have also made some changes to the cancellation policy. You will see in the app what the consequences are for canceling a babysitting job. If you do this far in advance, it's free of charge and not a problem: then the Angel can plan something else. The shorter in advance you cancel, the more you'll have to compensate the Angel. As a new addition, Angels can also cancel babysitting services themselves. There are also consequences to this: the number of cancellations is visible in their profile and we also keep an eye on the Angels.

Ratings & reviews

Have you received a review from an Angel yet? This update is just new, but already used a lot: Angels can now also fill out a ratings & review about you as a family. It's great to read about the great bonds that are formed through Charly Cares! Filling in a rating & review has also been made easier for you: you can now rate an Angel based on 5 topics. Conversely, the Angel also rates you on 5 topics.

That's not all...

We are constantly building our app and service, consisting of weekly smaller launches. You won't always notice this immediately, but trust us: everything for the best babysitting platform!

Hopefully you will benefit greatly from all of our developments. And there is much more to come in the near future, so stay tuned!

Who else could use a great babysitter?

Invite your friends to Charly Cares via the app and both receive €10 babysitting credit. Yes!