Read babysitter Pascalle's story

Babysitting Angel Pascalle is 21 years old and has been babysitting via Charly Cares in Utrecht since 2017. Pascalle started babysitting when she was 13. She has lots of experience and babysits children from 2 months to 13 years old. Here, she talks about her first fixed booking request via Jobboard, so read on.

Are you nervous when meeting a new family? For example when you have accepted a babysitting service via Jobboard?

“Not really, no. I like that Charly Cares still speaks to many parents when they are new to the platform. That makes me feel safe and confident. I also like the chat function in the app. For example, prior to a booking the parents may ask you to meet beforehand. This happens especially regularly for fixed bookings. I really like it myself too, because you can get to know each other and you'll know what to expect the coming period. In addition, I always enjoy getting to know new people, so I'm never nervous!”

Have you ever added yourself to a booking via Jobboard?

“Definitely! It's very flexible. If you unexpectedly have a day or night off, you can check Jobboard to see if you can still babysit somewhere. You will also get to know more families, so that you can possibly get booked more often in the future.

I recently added myself to a fixed booking request for the first time in Jobboard. It involved three days a week from 9 to 5, for four consecutive weeks. It was for a family with 2-month old twins. I always enjoy babysitting younger children and I have a lot of experience with that age particularly. When I saw I might be babysitting twins, I was immediately excited! I do have to say that I underestimated it quite a bit. But the challenge is also what makes it great and I really feel that I have bonded with the twins (as far as you can at that age ;) ).”

“I get asked back after almost every booking via Jobboard”

“The family with the two-month old twins is still very new, which is why, other than the fixed bookings, I have not yet been asked back. For almost all other bookings that I have found via Jobboard, I get asked back. Only rarely does this not happen, but usually only if I was there to replace the Babysitting Angel that they normally book, who was coincidentally unavailable.”

Jobboard has been improved

Parents can now post a request directly to Jobboard. This request is visible to all Angels who meet the parents' requirements. Have a look in the app and check it out!