Charly's All Star Angel: Laila PezaroBabysitting work as an ideal job

Meet Babysitter Angel Laila who babysits through Charly Cares

Most Babysitting Angels are still in school or have a job already. But most of them were looking forward to a nice (parttime) job. And of course most were looking for a well-paid job! Also Laila Pezaro was looking for a nice job. In the first Angel Story, Laila tells about her work experience so far a Babysitting Angel and why they think Charly Cares is the ideal parttime job.

Angel Laila babysits via babysitting Charly Cares

What is a Charly's All Star Angel?

All the Babysitting Angels at Charly Cares have their own qualities in which they outshine. Charly wants to put one for one in the spotlight via a nice story. Because who can better tell something about working at Charly Cares than the Babysitting Angels themselves?

With more than 50 bookings on her name and an average rating of 4.93 (out of 5), we let Laila Pezaro as the first All Star Angel speak.

How Laila came to her ideal job

Most students quickly look for a job in restaurants or cafés, but that can be physically hard. It is also often fine to run a number of hours in the evenings, but what if you want to learn extra for an exam? And what if you were sent home early, because it is just way too quiet in the restaurant or café? And then not yet talked about the money. Of course you want a good paid job!

For Laila, her search for an ideal job was soon over:

"I use to give hockey training courses for children from 4 to 15 years old. In the same age category I have also been babysitting. For me it was very normal to see babysitting work as an ideal job. It is very flexible. You can work when you want and it's still fun too!"

"I already did babysitting work through another organization, but I didn't like it anymore. And then I started searching a number of websites to see where they needed a suitable babysitters. Then I finally approached via Charly Cares if I wanted to become a Babysitting Angel. Only two days later I could come to the screening and I was accepted!"

Laila Pezaro

The best things about being an Babysitting Angel:

  • A lots of freedom

    "Je bent vrij in je doen en laten. Je kiest natuurlijk zelf wanneer je kan werken en wanneer niet. Je kan in een huiselijke omgeving lekker jezelf zijn. En je kan zelf de tijd met de kids inplannen. Tenzij de ouders al iets leuks in gedachten hadden, maar al om al is de werkomgeving super relaxt."

  • Creative surroundings

    "Als je met kinderen bezig bent, besef je ineens weer dat je in het creatieve wereldje zit van kinderen. Je kan allerlei activiteiten doen zonder dat je voor gek wordt verklaard. Voordat je het weet, ben je als een gek dier door de woonkamer aan het lopen en blèren. Hilarisch!"

  • Diverse job

    "Je leert heel veel verschillende kinderen, ouders en huizen kennen. En in al die verschillende thuissituaties leer je weer hoe je hierop moet anticiperen. Daarnaast is het natuurlijk super leuk om telkens een andere werkomgeving te hebben. Maar het meest interessante vind ik vooral het stukje bewustwording omtrent omgang met mensen. Hoe jij namelijk met al die kinderen omgaat, zegt denk ik ook iets over hoe jij onbewust met mensen over het algemeen omgaat."

What could Laila expect from Charly Care?

Above all it should be fun

The perfect job is of course the most fun job! Therefore, Charly Cares makes sure that they are not only screening Angels as I, but also the parents who sign up.

They are informed among other things about what they can expect from the Angels and what they can do as parents so that Angels can do their babysitting work as well as possible.

Think about:

  1. In The Babysitter App there is a short explanation plus photo of the family.
  2. Often, a short booking takes place in advance to get to know each other and to read the House rules.
  3. And of course being a super fun family with super cute kids!

All bookings are also monitored and if there is something: Charly Cares is 24/7 waiting for you!

Arrange your own financial matter

The best and challenging part of the concept of Charly Cares is; you are in controle about what you earn yourself. You can choose the amount of hours you work and how much you earn.

Important is that you:

  1. Fill in your availability in your calendar.
  2. How many bookings you accept or decline.
  3. A reasonable hourly rate.

You can decide if you want to accept or decline a booking. You are not obliged to do anything. At first I felt a bit uncomfortable to decline a booking, but I realised that the family probably also selected other babysitters.

It is a super easy concept, where I exactly know what you earn in a month. Plus: you do not have uncomfortable situations anymore with the payments, because it is an online paying system.

Take a look in the Babysitting App

Profile of Laila in the Babysitting App
Profile of Laila in the Babysitting App
Calendar of Laila in the Babysitting App
Calendar of Laila in the Babysitting App

Laila's Survival Guide at her first booking

Just like any other job you have or had, your first working day will still be a bit exciting. The real work starts, but where should you pay attention to? As a result of my own experience, I have compiled some tips & tricks that will drag you through your first booking:

  • Make everything clear before you start: You will have to deal with different families. And all families have their own standards and values. So make sure you communicate beforehand about the expectations of both sides. This can be via: a short meeting in advance, the Chatfuntion or a phone call.
  • A good start is half of the work: it is convenient to look ahead with what kind of family you are dealing with. For example, a child of 9 months needs other care than a child of 6 years etc. Make sure you have fun activities for kids of all ages. Only sitting on the couch is not only boring for the kids, but also for yourself.
  • Good communication: I've noticed that parents find it very fine when they occasionally get an update of how it goes with the kids. Especially how well it goes with them or how much fun they have. Also once they are back just a short report on how it has gone. This ensures a high rating and more bookings!
  • Reassure the children: not all children get used to new faces as quickly as other kids. Therefore, make sure that the children feel familiar with you before the parents leave home. This can be done by distracting them with something positive. This can be done by giving them something nice, or doing something nice with them. Also explain how much fun you are going to have in the meantime!
  • Questions are always good: ask if you do not remember what is expected of you as Babysitting Angel. Please contact Charly Care for additional information. Are there questions about the house rules? Parents really don't mind if you ask! Not everyone can remember everything at once.

Laila about the rating system

"It is always nice to see how parents experienced you as a babysitter. That motivates your work motivation and gives you more emotional connection with families."

Laila Pezaro

Are you Charly's next All Star Angel?

Did you enjoy this story and would you like to tell your story in the next All Star Angels? Or do you have nice story to share with us. Everything is possible! Let us know.