Kimberley is a fixed babysitter

Babysitting Angel Kimberley is 18 years old and lives in Rotterdam. In her daily life, she is often busy with school and sports. She studies at the Albeda Topsportcentrum and loves sports, especially hockey; she's been playing with pleasure for 14 years now. In addition to her studies and hockey, Kimberley loves children and has always wanted to work with them. Before she became a Babysitting Angel, she had already been babysitting a 7-year-old boy for a year. Next to babysitting, she also loves to have fun with her nephews. She basically always has children around her.

"I love being a fixed babysitter for a family. You see the same children every week. It's also nice for the children to see the same face every week. You really get to bond with the children and, of course, with the parents too."

"While babysitting, I'm usually busy entertaining the children, but I also help out the parents where I can. For example, by cleaning or making sure dinner's cooked. I also really enjoy babysitting at night, so I can put the kids to bed and read them a story. They really enjoy that too!"

"When (fixed) babysitting, I make sure to have clear agreements between me, the parents, and the children. For example, so that I know when the children should be at home, when and where they are allowed to play outside, and when to take them to sports practice."

"A fixed babysitter is great for parents, because you only have one familiar face to deal with. Also, for example, during or after the holiday, it's great to have the same babysitter for a longer period of time. So you don't have to start from scratch each time and the children don't have to get used to a new babysitter too often. This also applies to parents, by the way. As a babysitter, you'll also already know what to expect."

"Unfortunately, due to corona, it's quite difficult to babysit, because there is still some uncertainty on the parents' part. And, of course, many parents are home themselves right now. My babysitting requests have definitely decreased. From babysitting almost every day, I'm now only doing so about once a week. But when I babysit, it's really like it used to be. I hope I get to go back to work soon again, so I can have fun with the children!"

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