From what age can you babysit with Charly Cares? We'll tell you more!

Babysitting ages at Charly Cares

Do you love children and want to spend time with them? Are you also looking for a nice (side) job to earn money? Do you have a great sense of responsibility and are you caring? Then babysitting could be the perfect side job for you! But from what age can you babysit? And from how old can you babysit at Charly Cares? Do you know what is involved in a babysitting job? Discover exactly what babysitting entails and who knows, you may have become so enthusiastic that we may soon welcome you as a Babysitting Angel!

Babysitting from what age?

In the Netherlands, the rule is that from the age of 13 and 14 you can do some chores at home and in the neighborhood. This also includes babysitting for family and friends. Now everyone is different in character. What is the perfect age for babysitting? From what age can you babysit? It is best to ask yourself whether you know exactly what babysitting entails and whether you fit well into that picture in terms of character. Ask yourself whether you have a caring nature, you have a great sense of responsibility, know how to act in emergency situations and can keep the peace with children and whether you have good communication skills.

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From how old can you babysit at Charly Cares?

Babysitter with the babysit kid

On average, most babysitters start babysitting at age 14. At Charly Cares we expect you to have a minimum of 2 years babysitting experience before you come babysitting with us. This can be a babysitting experience with siblings and acquaintances. At Charly Cares you are welcome to register from the age of 15. We do ask for at least 2 references from families where you have babysat before. Is everything all right? Then after an introductory meeting you can start babysitting at Charly Cares!

Babysitting via Charly Cares

Average age of Charly's Angels

The average age of our Angels differs per municipality. The largest age range is 15-24 years. This mainly concerns flexible babysitting times, but also fixed days in the week. In addition, you also see many Angels ranging in age in the 25+ category; these are mainly Angels who babysit next to their studies and/or work, for example a fixed day of the week, but also flexible. Precisely because the babysitting work is so easy to arrange, in addition to the busyness of study and work and with an irregular schedule.

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Different types of babysitting jobs

Do you also enjoy children? Would you like to babysit a fixed day or would you prefer flexible babysitting? Do you like babysitting during the day or rather in the evenings? At Charly Cares you will find various types of babysitting jobs. You can work as a nanny, as a full-time and part-time babysitter, during the holidays, for after-school babysitting work and au pair work. Curious about what suits you?

Babysitting job types
What type of babysitting work can you do with Charly Cares?

Determine your own hourly rate

This is great: at Charly Cares you determine your own hourly rate. We do, however, provide certain guidelines to help you out, for example setting a higher hourly rate when you work during the day. After all, you are a lot busier than when you babysit in the evening and the kids are already in bed. Read all our tips regarding determining your hourly rate on the website!

This is how you determine your hourly rate

Join the Angel club!

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Are you 15 years or older and do you have:

  • Relevant babysitting experience
  • References from families you have babysat before
  • A passion for children
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    Plan your acquaintance, then we will quickly talk to each other to get to know each other better

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  • Everthing allright?

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Frequently asked questions about babysitting via Charly Cares

From what age can I start babysitting at Charly Cares?

Are you 15 years or older? Congrats, you can start babysitting via Charly Cares! Are you younger than 15? Stay tuned...

What are the requirements for babysitting via Charly Cares?

  • You have relevant babysitting experience (at least 2 years as a babysitter, au pair experience, or being a parent yourself).
  • You have 2 valid references from families for whom you've babysat before.
  • You are at least 15 years old.
  • During the registration process, add a photo of yourself, so that our parents know what you look like.
  • You live at the address you entered in your profile. You can only enter 1 address.

Did you not previously meet these requirements, but do now? Then you can simply edit your profile.

If you used to babysit for Charly Cares before but deactived your profile, you can simply reactivate your profile. If you used to babysit for Charly Cares but your profile has been deleted, you will have to create a new profile.

Can I earn something extra if I invite friends for Charly Cares?

Share Charly's love! Invite your friends to become a Babysitting Angel for Charly Cares too. Go to ‘Profile’ → Click ‘Invite friends’ → Share your personal link with your friend. Inviting people is great for you too, because once they have completed their first babysitting service, you'll receive credit. This great little bonus is paid along with your next babysitting service. Yay!