Babysitter playing with children in a playground on a summer day

*Fun job alert!*

Attention! Do you love kids and would you like to make some money on the side? Then Charly Cares is for you! Working as a Babysitting Angels is the most chill and flexible job you can have. You can yourself decide when you have the time to work, and you get paid automatically through the app. No fixed workdays or a handful of coins at the end of the night.

Oh, and by the way…. You will also immediately have a good excuse for an old-fashioned dress-up party or to re-watch your favourite Disney movie. So fun. Download the free app now and sign up to be a Charly Cares Babysitting Angel!

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Looking for a well-paid job on the side?

Sign up for free to become a Charly Cares Babysitting Angel. There is no better way to earn some extra money!

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Make some extra money Become Babysitting Angel!

Do you have the required babysitting experience and do you like to take the kids on adventures? Great, then we are looking for you! We will bring you in touch with the best families in your neighbourhood. And whether you want fixed, flexible or even last minute work, with Charly Cares everything is possible. You can decide yourself when and where you want to work and enter your own availability in the app. Super easy and great with an ever-changing school or study schedule!

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Also want to become a Babysitting Angel?

Earning something extra next to your current work, school, or studies? Becoming a Babysitting Angel with Charly Cares is perfect for that! Download the free app and sign up now. After you sign up, we will invite you for a personal interview and, before you know it, you will be babysitting for the best families in your neighbourhood!

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Discover our Angel stories!

All Star Angel ☆ Bregje:

“ I study Sociaalpedagogische Hulpverlening. Because of that, I can quickly figure out what makes children tick and what they like to do. That way, I can easily play into what they need and do some really fun and creative things with them that will make them say: ‘Ahh! When will Bregje be back again?’ I love that and think it’s very important to hear, because then I know they really enjoyed themselves.”

– Bregje Adriaansen (21), All Star Oppas Angel.