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Yes, you’re almost a Babysitting Angel! we’d love to meet you for an online interview. Plan it now at one with one of our recruiters and start quickly as a Babysitting Angel!

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Why an interview?

We think it’s extremely important that parents can leave their kids in the capable hands of a reliable babysitter. So they can leave comfortably, knowing their kids are safe with you.

What do you need to become a Babysitting Angel?

  • Relevant babysitting experience

    The safety of the children is paramount! That’s why all Babysitting Angels need relevant babysitting experience. Think of babysitting for families in the neighbourhood, an internship at a day care, a related study program or being an au pair.

  • Social & caring character

    As a Babysitting Angel, you’ll take excellent care of the children, and you’re a good communicator. You’re also able to adapt to different families and situations.

  • 2 references

    As a Babysitting Angel for Charly Cares, you’ll have many responsibilities, which is why we ask that you bring the contact details of two references. These are references from families where you’ve gained your babysitting experience.

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Come by for an interview and babysit for the best families! Did you delete the Charly Cares Babysitting App from your phone? Download it now in the App Store or Google Play Store.

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Need help?

Do you have questions or are you having trouble planning the interview? Our Support Team is always there for you! Call or send a WhatsApp message to 020 - 210 23 23.

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