Do some extra babysitting with the standby feature

Do you have some extra time, for example an afternoon off, and want to do some extra babysitting? Put yourself on standby and you'll be able to receive last minute requests, as you will appear higher in the parents' search results. You'll score a great booking in no time!

Set standby
  • Help out last minute families in the neighbourhood

  • Earn extra at times that suit you

  • Meet great new families

This is how you can find last minute babysitting jobs!

The standby feature ensures you can do some extra babysitting. Go to 'Calendar' > 'My status' > click on 'standby'. Here, you can select when you would like to be on standby. This could be, for example, for a whole weekend, or for a single weekday. You can put yourself on standby at any time. Change of plans? Don't forget to take yourself off standby.

Set standby

Help parents out

Sometimes, parents need a last minute babysitter, for example because they unexpectedly have an important meeting, or because they've decided to go on a last minute date night. Angels who are on standby can be real lifesavers for these parents. So the parents still can go out without having to worry, while the kids are in good hands at home.

Set standby