New response time: 6 hours

We are proud to announce a new proces for booking requests in our app. Because if you make an offer via Jobboard, you of course want to know whether you get to babysit as soon as possible. Vice versa, when sending a booking request parents want to know whether you are available to babysit as soon as possible. In short: every user wants to know what to expect quickly.

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What does this mean for you?

  • Response time is 6 hours

    The maximum time to respond to a booking request is 6 hours: this applies to both parents and Angels - for, for example, a request on Jobboard, or a personal invitation from a parent.

  • Paused at night

    The response time is paused at night (23:00 - 07:00). So, after 07:00, the remaining response time is resumed.

  • Booking will remain open for 48 hours 48 hours

    Bookings will remain visible on Jobboard for 48 hours. That means that, as an Angel, you will have more time to respond to fun jobs in Jobboard.

Why these changes?

We have noticed that Angels and parents are responding increasingly less to each other. That is why we have spent the last couple of months working on this new response system, which hopefully will ensure that all our users know what to expect more quickly.

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Oppas Angel Annabelle over de nieuwe feature:

“I think it's great that I now know where I stand more quickly. When I add myself to a babysitting service, I reserve that time and don't look for other babysitting services. Now I know more quickly whether I am actually babysitting and can take that into account!”

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Frequently asked questions

A booking request I received has already been marked as given. How is that possible?

Parents can add a maximum of 10 Angels to every booking. The booking request is given to the Babysitting Angel that is the first to accept the booking, after which the booking is marked as given for the other Angels. You can find the status under 'Bookings'.

How long do I have to reply to a booking?

Always respond as quickly as possible, but within 6 hours of receiving a booking request. Accept a booking if you can and want to babysit. If that isn't the case, simply decline the booking. Always respond, so that the parents know whether or not they can count on their favourite Babysitting Angel. You will also raise your reaction score by replying quickly, meaning you will appear higher in the search results.

I'm not yet sure about my availability. What to do?

Are you not yet sure whether or not you are available to babysit? Simply decline the booking request. It is important to indicate in your calendar when you are not available, so that you won't receive booking requests for days that you are not able to babysit. By keeping your calendar up to date you will never have to decline another booking request. Good to know: you can also always pause your Angel Profile.