Your profile & babysitting preferences

In our Babysitting App, our Babysitting Angels are matched with families near them. This match is based on the Angel profile and babysitting preferences. That's why it's very important to fill these out properly, so that you'll only receive requests from families you want to babysit for and only for moments you truly want to babysit.

  • Match with families through your babysitting preferences

  • Only requests for moments you want to babysit

  • Based on your Angel profile a good match with parents

Your Angel profile

Parents can already get to know you a little through your Angel profile. Make sure to fill in a personal description and add a great video. You can also set your hourly rate here along with your skills. That way, the parent will already get a first impression of you as a babysitter.

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When do you want to babysit?

Do you prefer to babysit in the morning? No problem! Or would you rather watch the kids at night? Your choice! Indicate this in your babysitting preferences and only receive requests for those moment. Don't forget to also fill out your fixes babysitting preferences, for all fixed booking requests.

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A goot match with the family

How old should the children be where you babysit? Can there be pets? What's the maximum distance you want to travel for a family? These are the kinds of things you can also indicate in your babysitting preferences. So that we can make a proper match!

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