The best babysitting jobs in the Jobboard

In our Babysitting App, you won't just receive requests from parents, you can also actively search yourself for new babysitting services. In the Jobboard in the app, you can see which booking are still pending. See a booking for a time you want to babysit? Send the parent an offer and score a great booking!

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How exactly does the Jobboard work?

In the Jobboard of the Babysitting App, you can choose between single babysitting services and multiple, fixed babysitting services for the same family.

One-time babysitting service

  1. Is there a request in the Jobboard for a moment you want to babysit? Yes! Select the request.
  2. Add yourself to the booking and wait for the parent to respond.
  3. Has the parent accepted your offer? Yes! You get to babysit for that family.

Fixed babysitting service

  1. Saw a fixed request in the Jobboard for a moment you want to babysit? Select the request.
  2. Add yourself to the booking. For a fixed request, you can also only accept part of the booking, meaning you don't have to accept the request as a whole.
  3. Once the parent has accepted your offer, you'll receive a notification and can get to work!

Find the babysitting services that fit you

In the Jobboard are all the babysitting services for families near you. This also includes babysitting services for times you have set as unavailable in your Angel calendar. That's why it's important to check your calendar beforehand to see when you are available. You can also click on the family profiles through the Jobboard. Make sure to have a look to see if the family fits you before you add yourself to the babysitting service.

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Frequently asked questions about a babysitting service:

Can I cancel a booking once I have accepted?

Canceling an accepted booking is only possible in exceptional cases if, for example, you are ill or due to special circumstances. Do you want to cancel a booking? Do not give the parents babysitting stress, but let us solve this with you and the parent. Please call our office at 020-2102323 as soon as possible before you approach the parent.

I have just received a fixed booking request for which I cannot do all the dates. What to do?!

Good news: for a fixed booking request, in the new app you can now send the parent a counter offer. You indicate which moments you can babysit & await the parent's approval. You can do so by having a look at the booking request and indicating through check marks which babysitting services you can and cannot babysit.

Is it obligatory for parents to rate me?

Yes! After each babysitting service, the parent will give you a rating of 1 to 5 stars. Ultimately, there will be an average rating in your profile. A written review is optional, but feel free to ask the parent if they are willing to write a review at the end of your babysitting service. This is a definite boost to your Angel Profile and convinces other parents that you are the best Babysitting Angel! Don't agree with a given rating? Feel free to let us know, because our Support Team is always there for you!