Import your private calendar

Filling out your Angel calendar is very important, we really can't stress that enough. To make filling out the calendar even easier, you can now import your private calendar. This means that you can add all the appointments in your private calendar to your Angel calendar with the press of a button. How great!

Import private calendar

How does importing work exactly?

  • Go to the Angel calendar in the Charly Cares Babysitting App. In the bottom left, click 'Import'.

  • Give the Babysitting App access to your mobile calendar.

  • Import your calendar by clicking 'Sync'. Easy does it!

Why you should always keep your calendar up to date

When parents create a booking request, they'll be matched with Angels who are available for that moment. Based on Angel profiles, they choose which Angel fits them best. If you decline a request because you didn't fill out your calendar correctly, it can be quite annoying for parents. They really wanted you to babysit! Want to know more about how to fill out the calendar? View this page for extra information!

Information filling out calendar

Frequently asked questions about the Angel calendar

How do I fill out my calendar?

Easy! Go to 'Calendar', click the days for which you are not available, and enter the times. That way, you will only be booked for times that you are actually available. Want to babysit on a fixed basis? Simply go to 'Profile' → 'Settings' and enter your preferences under 'Fixed Babysitting'.

Find out how to fill out your Angel Calendar in our instructional video.

Tip: you can also sync your phone's calendar with your Angel calendar. Go to calendar and click 'Import' on the bottom left. You'll be able to import your phone's calendar with the press of a button.

I want to temporarily not receive any bookings, is that possible?

Yes, you can do so by putting yourself on 'do not disturb'. You can even indicate until when specifically you do not want to be disturbed. Super handy for when you have a full day of classes, for example, are on a holiday, or are simply too busy to babysit!

How? Go to 'Calendar' → 'My status' → choose 'do not disturb' and enter until when you do not want to be disturbed.