Import your private calendar

Filling out your Angel calendar is very important, we really can't stress that enough. To make filling out the calendar even easier, you can now import your private calendar. This means that you can add all the appointments in your private calendar to your Angel calendar with the press of a button. How great!

Import private calendar

How does importing work exactly?

  • Go to the Angel calendar in the Charly Cares Babysitting App. In the bottom left, click 'Import'.

  • Give the Babysitting App access to your mobile calendar.

  • Import your calendar by clicking 'Sync'. Easy does it!

Why you should always keep your calendar up to date

When parents create a booking request, they'll be matched with Angels who are available for that moment. Based on Angel profiles, they choose which Angel fits them best. If you decline a request because you didn't fill out your calendar correctly, it can be quite annoying for parents. They really wanted you to babysit! Want to know more about how to fill out the calendar? View this page for extra information!

Information filling out calendar

Frequently asked questions about the Angel calendar

How do I fill out my calendar?

Piece of cake! Go to 'Calendar', click on the days you are not available and enter the times. That way, you'll only be booked for moments you are actually available. Want to receive fixed requests? Go to 'Profile' → 'Settings' and fill out your preferences under 'Fixed Babysitting'.

Check how to fill out your Angel Calendar in our instructional video.


  • Fill out your fixed study schedule at least 3 months in advance. The same goes for weekly sports practices, holidays, and exam periods.
  • Update your calendar each week to add, for example, last minute weekend plans.

Can I block my calendar for a longer period?

For sure! At Charly Cares, you only work when you can and want to! Go to 'Calendar' → 'My status'. Here, you can put yourself on 'do not disturb'. Choose the start and end date and voila! You are now unavailable for parents for this period and will no longer receive any requests.

It is also possible to block multiple days simultaneously. In the calendar, select the days you wish to block. Then, put yourself on 'unavailable'. That way, you won't receive any requests for those specific days, but you will receive request for the other days when you are available.

Can I babysit fixed moments each week?

Sure! It's important you indicate this in your profile, so that we can match you with a family for a fixed babysitting moment. How? Go to 'Profile' → 'Babysitting preferences' → 'Fixed babysitting' → indicate here for when you want to receive fixed requests.

I temporarily don't want to receive any booking requests, is that possible?

Yes, to do so, change your status to 'do not disturb'. You can also indicate until when you do not want to be disturbed. Super convenient for when you, for example, have a full day of lectures, or are on holiday, or you're simply too busy to babysit!

How? Go to 'Calendar' → 'My status' → choose 'do not disturb' and fill in until when you don't want to be disturbed.