The Angel calendar in our Babysitting App

Do you consistently fill out your Angel calendar? It's very important that you keep your calendar up to date, because only then will you receive requests for times that you truly can and want to babysit. And that's a win-win: you'll only receive relevant requests, and the requests made by parents will be accepted much more quickly. So, fill out your calendar now!

Fill out calendar

Always fill out your calendar!

Why is it so important for you to fill out your calendar, you ask? Well, when parents create a booking request, they'll select the Angels who are available for that day and time. They will have a look at the different profiles and choose the Angel who best fits their family. It can be quite annoying when it turns out that Angel is not available after all. It also means you'll receive a request for a time or day that you don't actually want to babysit. So, very inconvenient!

Fill out calendar

Our tips for filling out your calendar

  • ​ Work up to 3 months ahead

    Parents can book a babysitter up until 3 months in advance, which is why it's important for you to always fill out your calendar for at least the coming 3 months.

  • Import your private calendar

    You can import your phone's private calendar in the Babysitting app. Read more about importing your calendar on this dedicated page.

  • Block multiple days simultaneously

    You can block multiple days at once. Perfect for if you have a weekend getaway planned. No need to block each day individually.

Frequently asked questions about the calendar

I am not sure about my availability yet. What to do?

If you are not sure if you are available on the requested day, you can decline a booking request. It is important that you state in your agenda when you are not available so that you do not receive booking requests on days that you are not available. This ensures that you do not have to reject a booking request. Good to know: you can always deactivate your profile for 1 day, 1 week or 1 month.

How to I change an unavailable moment to an available moment?

Click on the relevant day → click on 'Edit 1 day'. Then, click in 'Yes, available' and families will be able to book you again for that particular day.

Can I block my calendar for a longer period?

For sure! At Charly Cares, you only work when you can and want to! Go to 'Calendar' → 'My status'. Here, you can put yourself on 'do not disturb'. Choose the start and end date and voila! You are now unavailable for parents for this period and will no longer receive any requests.

It is also possible to block multiple days simultaneously. In the calendar, select the days you wish to block. Then, put yourself on 'unavailable'. That way, you won't receive any requests for those specific days, but you will receive request for the other days when you are available.

Where can I indicate my babysitting preferences?

Your preferences are important so that you only receive booking requests that suit your needs. Go to 'Profile' → click 'Babysitting preferences' → change your preference as you wish.

How does ‘Fixed Babysitting’ work?

Indicate in your profile under 'Babysitting preferences' for which days you are available for fixed babysitting services. This will then be automatically added to your calendar. You'll also appear higher in the search results for parents and will be booked even quicker for fixed requests.