Your cancellation policy at Charly Cares

At Charly Cares, we do everything we can to make sure that you can find the best babysitting jobs on our platform quickly and easily. However, in some exceptional circumstances, you may have to cancel a planned booking. You can now cancel a booking in the app, instead of calling Customer Care. How does that work and what are the consequences? Read more on this page.

Consequences of your cancellation

When you have a babysitting job planned, you're counting on it. But a parent also counts on you, especially if they have an important appointment or a date night they were looking forward to. Therefore, you should never cancel a booking for no good reason. For you as a babysitter, cancelling has big consequences: the cancellation will be counted and visible as a metric on your profile. Parents can see how often you cancel babysitting services and decide whether or not to invite or accept you.

Consequences of cancelling too often

Do you cancel too often? Our Customer Care team also pays attention to this and will then contact you, possibly resulting in you no longer being able to babysit through Charly Cares. So make sure you don't cancel scheduled babysitting services on short notice.

Please note that you do not need to call Customer Care to cancel, unless you need to cancel less than 30 minutes before the booking due to an emergency.

The cancellation policy for parents

As you know, parents can also cancel a booking in the app. But this also has a consequence for them: it will be visible in their dashboard and depending on when they cancel, they have to pay you a fee: 1 hour of your payout (at the rate you have set) if they cancel in less than 24 hours in advance and 2 hours of payout if they cancel in less than 3 hours in advance. With these consequences, we try to ensure that parents will not cancel your booking at a short notice.

Frequently asked questions about cancellations

Can I cancel a booking after accepting it?

You can only cancel a booking in exceptional cases, such as when you are ill or unable to babysit due to special circumstances. You can do this yourself in the app.

Note: it is visible in your profile how often you cancel. Does the booking start within 30 minutes? Contact the family immediately by phone to be sure they are aware of your cancellation.

My booking has been cancelled, will I be compensated?

We're sorry to hear that your booking has been cancelled. There can be several reasons for this, such as the parents no longer needing a babysitter, or when they, or their children, suffer from corona-related complaints.

We cannot offer compensation for cancelled bookings except when a booking is cancelled by the parent 24 hours or less before the start of the booking. When it is cancelled within 24 hours, you will be paid 1 for hour. If it is cancelled within 3 hours, you will be paid for 2 hours.

Still want to babysit and help parents out? Have a look in Jobboard to see if there are any other bookings available.

I'm not yet sure about my availability. What to do?

Are you not yet sure whether or not you are available to babysit? Simply decline the booking request. It is important to indicate in your calendar when you are not available, so that you won't receive booking requests for days that you are not able to babysit. By keeping your calendar up to date you will never have to decline another booking request. Good to know: you can also always pause your Angel Profile.