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Babysitting in your neighbourhood?

Do you love kids and would like to babysit in your neighbourhood? Then Charly Cares has the perfect job for you! With our babysitting service, you can indicate when you can and want to work. So, super flexible; the perfect part-time job to combine with school or your studies. Sound interesting? Sign up for free and plan an interview!

  • Babysitting in your neighbourhood

    Through the Babysitting App, you'll be matched with the best families in your neighbourhood.

  • Babysit only when you want to

    Indicate in the online calendar of the app when you are available. So you'll only work when you can and want to.

  • You decide how much you earn

    Extra earnings; you choose your own hourly rate, go make some money!

Part-time job as a babysitter

Want to be a babysitter for Charly Cares? That means babysitting jobs for the best families in your neighbourhood. We are currently active in Amsterdam, Amstelveen, The Hague, Eindhoven, Haarlem, Leiden, Rotterdam, Utrecht and several places in Het Gooi.

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Let's meet!

Parents need to be able to leave their children with one of our babysitters without having to worry. That's why we invite all new babysitters to come by first for a short phone interview. We'll discuss your motivation and affinity with children. We'll then talk about your babysitting experience and communication skills. We also require two references from parents who you've been a babysitter for before. Do you meet the requirements? YAY! You'll be admitted to our community and get to call yourself a Babysitting Angel!

Angel must-haves:
- relevant babysitting experience
- 2 references from previous babysitting families
- reliable and caring

The Babysitting App

Have you become a Babysitting Angel for Charly Cares? Then you'll gain access to a mobile app: the Babysitting App. In the app, there is a convenient chat function. So you can communicate with the family that has booked you as a babysitter and can already get to know them a little. After each babysitting service, parents pay you through the app and you'll receive your earnings within four work days in your account. Good to know!

Yes, I want to be a babysitter for Charly Cares!

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