Charly Cares in Trouw: business babysitter is becoming increasingly common

The business babysitter has proven to be a huge success for Charly Cares Business. An increasing number of companies are including this option as a fringe benefit. A big win for parents, especially in these uncertain times.

Ever since the press conference in which the lockdown of schools was announced, the number of babysitting requests for during the daytime has risen sharply. Parents are expected to work from home and children are also more often home due to quarantine or absence of the teacher. An often impossible work situation for the parents, due to which they are less productive and experience a great deal of stress with regards to childcare.

Fortunately, employers are increasingly recognising the importance of a proper work-life balance, and are therefore happy to offer the employee the opportunity to have a business babysitter. 65 companies are already using Charly Cares Business. For example, Deloitte: "To us, the well-being of employees is of paramount importance. A babysitting scheme for parents with children up to and including primary school age makes an important contribution to this," says HR director Marjolein Heijstraten.

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