Charly on the cover of Ouders van Nu

Cover Story: Charly van der Straten (32) is in a relationship with Ruben (30) and is currently 33 weeks pregnant with their first child. Charly is the founder of babysitting service Charly Cares.

In the coming days, I will be reaching the 34 week milestone, but my maternity leave is not exactly in sight yet. To say the least, I am not really going on leave at the most convenient time: I find it difficult to leave my other ‘child’ - my company Charly Cares - in the midst of this crisis. I still have so many things to do and to take care of. At the same time, I also feel that I am almost ready to go. Almost though, haha! I think those nine months seem to be taking forever. I am really ready for that next step: giving birth and meeting our child. And, before that time comes: relax, I want to take good care of both myself and the baby.

We don't know yet whether it will be a boy or a girl. If I have to guess, I'd say a boy, but it can really go in any direction with us: a boy or girl, and dark or light. The pregnancy itself is doable, but I am not really the ‘nine months lyrical due to the hormones’ type. Although of course I think it is very special that my body can create a child. What I am most looking forward to? To the three of us. Starting a new phase together with Ruben. That seems like so much fun to me.

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