Charly Cares in the NOS Journaal & NOS Jeugdjournaal

The NOS Journaal on homeschooling

In the NOS item, you see Babysitting Angel Sabine taking care of the children and helping with homeschooling. Father Douwe: “Without a babysitter, we simply cannot give the children the attention they all three need.” Missed the item? Watch it back now!

​The Jeugdjournaal on solutions for parents

Parents are dealing creatively with the second lockdown. The Jeugdjournaal shows three solutions, with the last solution being enlisting the help of a babysitter. Mother Eveline: “We brought in a babysitter to support us out in the mornings, so that we can be sure that there is always someone to help the children if needed.” Want to watch the item back? Watch it here!

Could you also use the help of a babysitter the coming period?

New parents get the first month of their Charly Cares membership for free. With a safe and strict corona policy in place, our Babysitting Angels are here to support you in taking care of the kids, as well as homeschooling.

I need a babysitter