Interview on the development of booking a babysitter through an app.

Charly Cares made headlines on Saturday 11 March, through their website, radio NPO and the 8pm news. NOS Nieuws wrote on the development of booking a babysitter through an app. In this, the Babysitting App and Angels from Charly Cares played a central role.

Charly was interviewed by NOS at the headquarters. Then, the introductory process with a Babysitting Angel was shown. The reporter also visited two families during a babysitting service. Mothers Carolien and Ykje and Babysitting Angel Isabelle were interviewed on their experiences with Charly Cares.

NOS News on the Babysitting App

“At Charly Cares, we make sure the safety of the child is always number 1. We do this by personally screening all babysitters. We look at their background and specific experience with children. We also evaluate how they present themselves and check all references.”

Charlotte van der Straten

Professor Fukkink and emeritus professor pedagogy Louis Tavecchio advice parents to book the same babysitter as often as possible, as it’s not beneficial to the children's feeling of safety to be confronted with different faces too often.

Van der Straten agrees:

“In the Babysitting App, you can always find your most recent Babysitting Angel. This way, you ensure continuity and a chance for your babysitter and children to bond. If you want to book a babysitter at the last minute, chances are that they are no longer available. It’s important to take that into account as well.”

Charlotte van der Straten

NOS Journaal over the Oppas App