Charly Cares in Nieuwsuur

With regard to the current challenges in the childcare sector, Nieuwsuur visited Charly Cares. Founder Charly talks about the situation and what a babysitting platform can do to help. She also talks about how companies are responding to these challenges by offering a business babysitter from Charly Cares as a fringe benefit. Want to watch the item? Simply go here!

Founder Charly says: "If everything at home isn't arranged properly, everybody will have a hard time functioning well. Children - they get restless -, parents - because they already experience enough stress -, and that affects teams and the employer. So I think that it's a structural problem that needs to be handled well."

Some employers are actively trying to tackle the problem. Charly explains: "We see many different companies have started offering a business babysitter as a fringe benefit. These include very large corporations, such as Deloitte, but also hospitals, healthcare companies, or SMEs."