EHBO Bureau in collaboration with Charly Cares

A few times a year, Charly Cares organises first aid workshops in collaboration with EHBO bureau. All Babysitting Angels and parents learn in three hours time the most important do’s and don’ts in case of an emergency happening during the babysitting service or at other unexpected moments.

The EHBO bureau doesn’t think it’s only important to be in possession of the right information. They also think it’s important that you learn the right skills. To ensure this, all skills are practiced on dummies.

One of the participating Babysitting Angels (Isabelle) was interviewed during the last first aid workshop. Despite the fact that Isabelle has over 40 hours of babysitting experience, she didn’t hesitate for a second to sign up for the first aid workshop when a spot opened up.

"I work for several different families and take care of children of all ages. That’s a big responsibility. What I hope to earn tonight is what to do when a little one chokes. How do you prevent a bad ending? I’m very curious about that.”


Have you taken the first aid workshop yet?

Isabelle recommends that everyone takes a first aid workshop. Especially Babysitting Angels. You learn a lot in only three hours and Charly Cares even gifts half of the costs of the workshop to all Babysitting Angels!

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