Even though Charly Cares daily relieves hundreds of parents from their babysitting stress, plenty unfortunately remains. Are the kids getting al their required vitamins, do they go outdoors often enough and is there no weird stuff added to their new shampoo? All of these are subjects a young parent might be worried about. Fathers Jochem Hes and Sjoerd Trompetter thought exactly the same; they discovered that even baby food often contains harmful ingredients. That had to change, they thought!

Naïf & Charly Cares

Skincare from Naïf
Skincare from Naïf

These fathers value excellent quality and have built Naïf to be a trusted skincare brand for babies and children. Naïf Quality Baby & Kids Care helps build a good foundation for the little ones’ health. Less is more, and they therefore only use the right effective ingredients.

As it turned out, a great many women were also interested in the children’s care products. So, a women’s line was born. We have tested it ourselves from A to Z and the “nourishing hand cream” especially has become our daily office addiction: lovely!

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Collaboration Charly Cares & Naïf

The New Year has started well; a collaboration with the sparkling brand Naïf is something Charly Cares is lucky to have! Try Charly Cares for free for a whole month and, for a limited time only, receive a Naïf care package as a welcome gift. Naïf, the skincare brand that only uses natural ingredients without any harmful additions and safe for every skin type. Naïf developed their skincare brand specifically for both mothers as well as babies and children, so both can enjoy a skin well taken care of.