Charly's ReviewsReviews & Ratings from parents about the Babysitting Angels

In addition to the personal introductory meeting, every babysitter is assessed after every babysitting service. The Babysitting Angel receives a rating from the parent based on 5 stars (on different topics), often supplemented with a written review. These rating and review are transparant and visible for every parent and the Angel in particular. In case of a negative rating or review, we will contact both parent and Babysitting Angel.

Simone from Haarlem

“Op het laatste moment kon Isabelle bij ons op komen passen. Hardtsikke fijn en heel toevallig kende ze onze dochter al van de opvang. Daarmee direct vertrouwd en met een brede glimlach op haar gezicht kon ik haar achterlaten. Super fijn en zeker voor herhaling vatbaar!”

Sandra from Amstelveen

“We've used Laura a few times now and the kids really enjoy having her. She's reliable & friendly - highly recommended.”

Ajda from Amsterdam

“Eline looked after my 4 month old baby for an entire day. She was lovely and seemed confident and at ease even though baby didn't sleep much during the day, I felt very comfortable with her.”

Michiel from Amsterdam

“Ging top. Mooi op tijd. Lekker buiten gespeeld met se kids. Enige "negatieve" feedback van de kinderen was dat ze geen snoepje mochten (cf onze instructie), helemaal goed dus :-)”

Esther from Amsterdam

“She was fantastic I really like her”

Marielle from Amstelveen

“Celine is een betrouwbare oppas, ze was ruim op tijd en ze stuurde netjes een berichtje met een update gedurende de avond. Onze zoon was helemaal happy door deze lieve meid!”

Natalia from Amsterdam

“All went well. Veto is a nice and professional babysitter.”

Bartman from Amsterdam

“Thank you, Amber!!!!”

Amy from Amsterdam

“Very nice with our son Rafael and super available and accomadating.”

Ajda from Amsterdam

“Luna looked after our 4 month old baby for 3 days in a row. She was lovely and very sweet with the baby, I felt very much at ease with her.”

Georgie from Amsterdam

“Boys had a lively time and cane home very tired : )”

Georgie from Amsterdam

“Boys had a wonderful time with Bea”

Rania from 's-Gravenhage

“Soumaya is a very nice decent girl , my son had much much fun wiz her”

Georgie from Amsterdam

“Kirsten was brilliant, she prepared a meal and took excellent care of the boys. Thank you Kirsten look forward to seeing you again xox”

Natalia from Amsterdam

“All went well”

Ana from Amsterdam

“Nice girl. She is hands on. Will book her again”

Nicola from Amsterdam

“We love having Julia over to look after our 1.5 year old!”

Manel from 's-Gravenhage

“Fijne oppas voor onze zonen. Ze is lief maar ook daadkrachtig. Doet spelletjes en gaat met de kinderen naar buiten als het weer het toelaat.”

Grainne from Amsterdam

“Joelle was lovely and friendly and helpful and we would be delighted to have her babysit again.”

Sinead from 's-Gravenhage

“Alysa was Lovely. We were really happy she came to look after our little boys. As an expat family here we have no extended family to help out so it is great when you find someone you can trust.”

Georgie from Amsterdam

“Great work Bea look forward to seeing you again soon : )”

Lisa from Amsterdam

“Spontane, vrolijke oppas. Gelijk veel contact met ons Jetje. Ruim op tijd, heel fijn voor de eerste kennismaking. En hands-on. Vragen we zeker terug.”

Juli from Amsterdam

“Punctual, reliable and put us at ease to go out and enjoy our evening! Thank you Lizzie!”

Naomi from Amstelveen

“Onze dochter vond Charlotte gelijk leuk. Ze zijn samen wezen wandelen, aan bloemen geroken en de buurtpoes begroet. Echt fijn als het zo gezellig wordt gemaakt.”

Estelle from Amsterdam

“Linde is lovely!! Both my kids really enjoyed spending the day with her.”

Chris from Amsterdam

“Our kids had great fun with Annelore. Unfortunately when Annelore arrived they were sleeping so we were worried it would be a tough afternoon for all 3 when they woke but Annelore made brownies with them and they had a great time! Thanks Annelore!”

Wendy from Amsterdam

“Kinderen ontzettend enthousiast! Leukste oppas ever,zeiden ze.. Dus zeker voor herhaling vatbaar!”

Adrienne from Amsterdam

“My kids personally requested Lizzie, and they had a wonderful time with her (as usual). She is fantastic!”

Allister from 's-Gravenhage

“Perfect - would happily use again”

Sarah from Amsterdam

“Yara was lovely, she did crafts and played with my eldest son until his bed time which he really enjoyed and he said she was fun, she was also very kind about us being late!”

Kylie from Amsterdam

“Lizzie was wonderful! We can't wait to have her back soon”

Camilla from Amsterdam

“Andrea was so warm and patient with our somewhat shy kids, and her calmness seemed to rub off on them - they seem so comfortable with her after such a short time... thank you, Andrea!”

Gergana from Badhoevedorp

“We are happy with Charlotte. She is relaxed and consistent wwith the kids. They like her too.”

Stefanie from 's-Gravenhage

“Very happy and grateful for Maria's help. The boys had s good day.”

Alline from Amsterdam

“I was super happy with Jolijn. She is really sweet and my baby enjoyed staying with her. I absolutely recommend her.”

Kylie from Amsterdam

“Anne-Claire has babysat our 18 month daughter a few times now and we are always very satisfied. She is very caring and friendly, our daughter always has a great time with her!”

Stefanie from 's-Gravenhage

“Very happy and grateful for Maria's help. The boys had s good day.”

Georgie from Amsterdam

“Julia did a great job getting the boys to bed whilst we had fun. Thank you Julia ”

Joseph from Amsterdam

“Lisette is very positive and engaging - super helpful quality for making little ones feel comfortable right away. Huge thanks from our family!”

Liliana from Amsterdam

“Bleike was a very sweet person, my son loved having her, she plays great with kids and also I noticed how well she managed to follow his bed time routine being strict yet gentle with him, also made me a small report of how the evening went. tks Bleike:)”

Marlies from Amsterdam

“Julia is een topper!!”

Jonathan from Amsterdam

“Very friendly and pleasant experience. Would highly recommend :)”

Caroline from Utrecht

“Finne snelle reactie alrijd van Anneke. En de kinderen hadden zich zeer vermaakt!”

Marielle from amsterdam

“Leuke spontane oppas, erg natuurlijk met onze zoon. We hopen dat ze vaker kan komen! Bedankt :)”

Helen from Haarlem

“First time using this service - fabulous!”

Georgie from Amsterdam

“Thanks Ipo, the boys had lots of fun. ”

Georgie from Amsterdam

“Ipo was great fun, my two little boys enjoyed playing football etc with him.”

Rania from 's-Gravenhage

“Ana is super. my 7 yrs old son was so so excited . They played and spent fun time togather”

Nicola from Amsterdam

“We loved having Julia! She took my little 1.5 year old to the park by herself, and then helped out with the evening routine. Looking forward to having her back again!”

Gergana from Badhoevedorp

“We are very happy with Marina. Our kids like her a lot even, when she takes them to the dentist. She is very flexible and genuinely nice. We hope to be able to book her after the holidays too.”

Kirsty from Amsterdam

“Veronica is very caring and my son really enjoyed being with her. She is a good communicator and very responsive.”

Andrea Franzen from Haarlem

“Iris is great with the kids! She plays well with them and keeps them safe. They enjoy having her and ask when she will come back to play. It is all I could ask for from a baby sitter.”

Kamila from Amsterdam

“Rianne is a very nice, professional and trustworthy person. Our older daughter befriended her straightaway. We would definitely ask her to look after our kids again and recommend her to everyone.”

Adrienne from Amsterdam

“Sarah was wonderful with the kids. She got them to bed on time, and we knew they were in caring hands while we were away!”

Maxat from Amstelveen

“Very good, friendly and neat. Left her with two kids (4 and 1,6), and both were very happy”

Shauna from Amsterdam

“Great! Will ask again for her to babysit. On time and very friendly!”

Riem from 's-Gravenhage

“Soumaya is a lovely girl who brought the right energy to come and play with my son. She is patient and fun with my child. Her English is very good and I am glad we had her today to babysit!”

Mercedes from Amsterdam

“Eline was great with my three boys. She was immediately friendly and playful and put them at ease. I came home to a clean house and three sleeping boys. Will definitely use her again!”

Ana from Amsterdam

“Great girl”

Nicole from Rotterdam

“Karlijn was great. She arrived on time, was very accommodating, was very lovely with the children, and helped me a lot. I had her come in because my right wrist was broken and it's always awkward to have a babysitter along while the mother is there, it's hard on the kids and sometimes hard on the babysitter. Karlijn handled this perfectly- stepping in to help when I needed it, for example Folding the laundry or washing the dishes and at other times she just helped out with the kids. She was always asking what more she can do. I think you can't go wrong with her as a babysitter.”

Lisa from Amsterdam

“Suze is heel lief met mijn 2.5 jaren princessa! Tot de volgende keertje!”

Stefanie from 's-Gravenhage

“SOPHIE was lovely and we would be happy to have her back again.”

Amanda from Amsterdam

“My 4,5 year old loves spending time with Poppy. She's very creative and fun in their playing time. I'm happy because she's very reliable and smart. I hope she will be able to stay with us for a long time.”

Gergana from Badhoevedorp

“We are very happy with Marina. She is genuinely spontaneous and nice to the kids. They are also very comfortable with her, already planning where they "will take her" next time (to the cinema apparently).”

Ken from Haarlem

“Thank you”

Adrienne from Amsterdam

“Esmee was amazing! She was incredibly lovely with the kids, and I told her that she needs to charge more for her babysitting- she truly was fantastic!”

Ken from Haarlem


Clara from Amsterdam

“The kids loved Nike, and she really went out of her way to do things for me! Thanks nike!”

Barbara from Amsterdam

“Het was een super oppas, wij waren nog niet klar en zij heeft snel de situatie overgenomen en de kinderen waren heel blij. Graag nog een keer.”

Deepa from Amsterdam

“Sam was on time, cheerful, patient and very sweet. We look forward to having her again!”

Rebeca from Amsterdam

“She was great with the kids. Also very helpful with the house chores! Highly recommended!”

Elsa from Amsterdam

“We are happy She ended at 22.30u but I cannot ending the program I am the oma”

Karen from Amsterdam

“Awesome, lovely person.”

Michelle from Amsterdam

“Great job, bonded with our 1 and 3 yearnold immediately and she also managed very well when our 3 yr old was too sad to go to bed at first. All in all great babysitter!”

Clarisse from Amsterdam

“Pascalle is very kind and flexible. Our 11-month old baby connected with her right away! We will definitely call her next time :)”

Adrienne from Amsterdam

“Esther was great - she was on time, kind to the kids, and very responsible. The kids really enjoyed having her come over today.”

Margot from Amsterdam

“Super super friendly babysitter, very nice attitude, on time, we had a very good experience.”

Lisa from Amsterdam

“Melissa was great! She showed up a bit early and got on with the kids straight away. My son adored her and asked to arrange another "play-date" with her soon :-)”

Caroline from Utrecht

“Prima gedaan. Altijd fijne oppas!”

Stefanie from 's-Gravenhage

“Annabel was great. My kids were instantly comfortable with her and my son asked for her when he woke up.”

Amy from Amsterdam

“Lucie was really sweet with our 3yo Rafael. And got to feel at ease quickly.”

Anita from Amsterdam

“Our children love Angelique. She is reliable, responsible and wonderful with the children.”

Tanja from Utrecht

“Hannah is een lieve, rustige oppas. De kinderen vinden haar erg aardig. Ze doet gezellig een spelletje en zorgt ook nog dat het eten klaar is. Wij zijn erg blij met haar.”

Angela from Amsterdam

“Saskia was terrific with our daughter! We felt very comfortable leaving her, and she dealt with many instructions with ease. Highly recommend!”

Karen from Amsterdam

“Thanks so much!”

Margot from Amsterdam

“Very friendly and nice. She was on time and followed instructions.”

Morena from Haarlem

“Sanne is heel aardig en leuk met de kids. Wij zijn erg tevreden! Tot de volgende keer! :)”

Karen from Amsterdam

“So happy with Isabelle. She was great with the kids, they instantly warmed to her and I feel super relaxed that she is looking after them.”

Angela from Utrecht

“Our children (8 & 10 yrs) had a great time! Baking; hockey outside; board games. What fun!”

Andrea Franzen from Haarlem

“This is frustrating because I am being asked to rate Iris when she isn't even halfway through the service period. However, I would definitely say that Iris is doing a great job. She is reliable and on-time. She is friendly with the children and takes initiative picking up around the house, which is fantastic.”

Anja from Amsterdam

“Very happy with Floor. She was on time and our daughter was happy as can be when I came back home.”

Frederique from Heemstede

“Rustige, zorgzame lieve oppas! Graag tot een volgende keer Isabelle.”

Anna from Amsterdam

“We felt very comfertabele about leaving our kids with him.”

Caroline from Utrecht

“Energieke stabiele oppas. Onze kinderen voelen zich zichtbaar direct op hun gemak. Ze heeft met ze gespeeld en de meisjes naar bed gebracht. Ze hebben geslapen als roosjes. Heel fijn!”

Sarah from Amsterdam


Anatoly from Amsterdam

“Joelle was prompt, dependable and extremely likeable”

Teresa from Amsterdam

“Marinde was perfect Punctual, reliable, very sweet with the children and a great girl. Definitely recommend her!”

Rebeca from Amsterdam

“Kim was great. At home, with the kids and with the house chores. I highly recommend.”

Floor from Amsterdam

“Emmy begrijpt wat goed en normaal is voor de kinderen 's avonds. Even een paar keer aandacht laten vragen en dan wat fermer optreden om te gaan slapen.”

Chris from Amsterdam

“Cher was very friendly and relaxed. Our kids took to her very quickly - even our daughter who normally frowns at people the first 5 times she meets them! Would definitely recommend and use again! Thank u!”