Charly's ReviewsReviews & Ratings from parents about the Babysitting Angels

In addition to the personal introductory meeting, every babysitter is assessed after every babysitting service. The Babysitting Angel receives a rating from the parent based on 5 stars, often supplemented with a written review. These rating and review are transparant and visible for every parent and the Angel in particular. In case of a negative rating or review, we will contact both parent and Babysitting Angel.

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Lisa from Amsterdam

“Sandra was an incredible oppas. She won over both of my children right away. She cleaned up after playtime! She made dinner! She helped get the kids ready for bed! Do I have to say more? X”

Adriaan from Amsterdam

“Floor seems friendly, well grounded, smart and hands on. The kids liked her a lot”

Ayca from Amsterdam

“Great baby sitter, energetic and lovely”

Lisa from Amsterdam

“We love Doris! Zij is een heel lieve oppas!”

Niek from Amsterdam

“Sarah heeft ons enorm geholpen als last minute stand-in voor onze zieke vaste oppas. Ze heeft zich alles snel eigen gemaakt en enorm geholpen met het huishouden, de verzorging van onze jongens en baby incl eten koken.”

Thibault from Amsterdam

“Very sweet and nice contact with our daughter :)”

esther from Haarlem


Giuditta from Amsterdam


Gabrie from Amsterdam

“Jonna heeft nu een paar keer op onze dochter van 7 maanden gepast en zeker weer zijn we tevreden. Jonna is verantwoordelijk, geeft echt aandacht en heeft al een band met onze dochter. We vragen haar zeker vaker.”

Fiona from Rotterdam

“Geweldig zal haar zeker aanraden”

Natalia from Amsterdam

“Super Oppas!”

Guusje from Amsterdam

“Lieve oppas!”

Philip from Amsterdam

“Zoe is a wonderful sitter. Punctual and polite . She engaged with my daughters and they said she was very nice.”

Kelly from Amsterdam

“Cecile arrived on time and was so enthusiastic about meeting the boys. She made pizza with them for dinner, colored pictures, and easily put them to bed. She was friendly and encouraging and I know the boys had a wonderful time. We would gladly use her!”

Tanya from Amsterdam

“Marinde is the best!! She's super super good! We are very happy with her :)”

Morena from Haarlem

“Hele dag opgepast op onze 3 kids van 9, 6 en 2! Ging super! Zijn erg tevreden!”

Guusje from Amsterdam

“Superfijne oppas!”

Floor from Heemstede

“Marieke maakt gemakkelijk contact en was meteen vertrouwd met de kinderen.”

Côté from 's-Gravenhage

“Annabel was great!!”

Lisa from Amsterdam

“I was very pleased with Chess. She took the boys to the park, played board games and seemed to know her way around kids. I will definitely be requesting her again :-)”

Giuditta from Amsterdam


Jess from Amsterdam

“Fabulous experience- she and my 2yo got on very nicely!”

Gabrie from Amsterdam

“Onze dochter van 7 maanden was weer op haar gemak en Jonna heeft haar met lieve aandacht verzorgd.”

Lisa from Amsterdam

“Zoë was echt fantastisch! Mijn dochter speelde heel graag met haar en vond haar echt lief!”

Marike from Amsterdam

“Wat een lieverd! Rustig, kundig en lief! Tot snel :)”

Estee from Amsterdam

“Another amazing evening where Julie was really helpful with Sander and all went smoothly.”

Nina from Amsterdam

“She was very good and super friendly”

Estee from Amsterdam

“Martina was very polite and totally into making sure my son was happy. I would totally recommend her!”

Gabrie from Amsterdam

“Nina is een zacht, ervaren en fijne oppas. Het was de eerste keer dat ze op onze dochter van 7 maanden paste. Onze dochter was direct op haar gemak en heeft veel plezier gehad tijdens het spelen. Ik liet haar met een gerust hart achter.”

Sally from Utrecht

“Noëlle is very sweet and played a lot with my children. We were very happy to meet her :)”

Michel from Amsterdam

“Anke is een topper!”

Lisa from Amsterdam

“Carlijn is a wonderful oppas. She comes right in and immediately engages with my children. She even made my daughter a toastie! She is reliable, kind and trustworthy. It is a good feeling, knowing your kids are in good hands!”

Ron from Amsterdam

“Anna was very flexible and took great care with our daughter and her friend. I look forward to working with her again!”

Sara from Amsterdam

“Oumaima was super good with my little one. You can see she has experience with babies.”

Lisa from Amsterdam

“Julia is amazing! She was a fantastic oppas and when my daughter took a nap, she folded two loads of laundry and asked if she could help with anything else! She was also great with my 5 yr old son who is extremely picky when it comes to babysitters. I am looking very forward to having her work for us again! Thank you Julia!”

Lisa from Amsterdam

“lief en heel vrolijk! Ons zoontje was meteen dol op haar ”

Gabrie from Amsterdam

“Joke is een prettige oppas, gemakkelijk in de omgang. Onze dochter van 7 maanden was snel op haar gemak bij haar.”

Jess from Amsterdam

“The kids loved Nina!”

Giuditta from Amsterdam


Lisa from Amsterdam

“Lizzie is a wonderful oppas. She is very kind and engaged my 2 year old the entire time she was here. I hope to have her here again! Thank you Lizzie!”

Gabrie from Amsterdam

“Onze dochter (7 maanden) was gelijk bij haar Jonna op het gemak en vond het prima dat ze door haar naar bed werd gebracht en werd verzorgd. Met extra (speel of knuffel) aandacht wanneer het nodig was.”

Rene from Amsterdam

“We were all very happy with Leila :-) Hopefully we will see her soon again.”

Lisa from Amsterdam

“Juliette was wonderful yet again! This is the third time we had her help and she really is a great help! I had an appointment at 8 in the morning so she got my child ready for school, made oatmeal porridge for breakfast, fed the small one and off they went to school! Thank you again Juliette!”

Anna from Amsterdam

“Saskia was fabulous with our boys. She was energetic, engaging, and flexible. I highly recommend her!”

Michiel from Amsterdam

“Fantastic help!”

Maxat from Amstelveen

“We are very happy with Anam!”

Maria from Amsterdam

“Lizzie was very caring and efficient! We had a great experience and would definitely recommend it!”

Roxanne from Amsterdam

“Mara is lovely, trustworthy and very easy to communicate with.”

Lieke from Amsterdam

“Fijn, de communicatie was goed, we kregen tussendoor nog een update en onze dochter lag heerlijk te slapen bij thuiskomst.”

Sam from Amsterdam

“Great having Julia babysit our baby son! Recommended.”

Dee from Amsterdam

“Maude is great! She is lovely and friendly and kept me up to date with pics - so we always knew our daughter was in safe hands. Thank you Maude”

Gabrie from Amsterdam

“Dit was de eerste keer dat Suzanne op onze dochter van 6 maanden kwam passen. Onze dochter was gelijk op haar gemak en vond het prima dat ze door Suzanne werd verzorgd.”

Liliana from Amsterdam

“Nike was amazing with our daughter! My daughter was grumpy when she first arrived and Nike was patient. They had a day out together and my little one came back all smiles!”

Lisa from Amsterdam

“Nalou was wonderful. She was very interested in both of my children and tried to sense their needs as well as help me around the house! Thank you Nalou!”

Emily from 's-Gravenhage

“Floor seemed fun, easygoing and responsible. Thanks!”

Liliana from Amsterdam

“My daughter loved Eline. She took her on an outing to the park and spent a lot of time playing interactive games with her.”

Lisa from Amsterdam

“Marly is truly wonderful with my baby girl. You can see the love she has for her when they play together. She is a natural!”

Niek from Amsterdam

“Great first day for Kirsten with us. She was big help with our 2 boys, making dinner and putting them to bed; true angel!”

Mikaela from Amstelveen

“Nicky heeft voor onze drie kinderen opgepast. Ze is zeer bekwaam, leuk met de kinderen en blijft rustig. Alles wat we zoeken in een oppas!”

Cristina from 's-Gravenhage

“Very sweet and patient. Highly recommended.”

Tom from Rijswijk

“Hele leuke oppas. De kinderen waren heel enthousiast: "die mag vaker komen".”

Margot from Amsterdam

“Very nice and friendly.”

Barbara from Amsterdam

“De kinderen waren enthousiast over Anne, met veel spelen en aandacht voor de kinderen, het was een feestje vor hun en voor ons als ouders.”

Matt from Amsterdam

“Eliza was Very friendly and easy with kids. Will definitely use again.”

Lisa from Amsterdam

“Beatrijs is een heel goeie oppas. Zij probeerde elke moment met de kinderen te helpen of met hun iets te doen. Zij is ook heel lief tegen hun. Looking forward to the next time!”

Antonella from 's-Gravenhage

“Very nice girl, my son loved to stay with her and is looking forward to being cared byClaudia again.”

Lisa from Amsterdam

“Teresa is heel erg leuk en speelt graag met mijn lieve dochter!”

Chris-Han from Rotterdam

“Zeer tevreden en was vanaf binnenkomst een goede klik met onze dochter Charlotte.”

Margot from Amsterdam

“Joelle is very nice and excellent in following instructions. Very good experience with her!”

Sara from Amsterdam

“Houda was really good with my LOs. Would definitely trust her another time.”

Sara from Amsterdam

“Mirjam was really lovely and patient with my LOs, that today weren't at their best.”

Stephanie from Amsterdam

“Cher is a star !!!!”

Caroline from Utrecht

“Leuke oppas, prettige communicatie. Onze kinderen sliepen vanavond, maar zou r zo weer vragen ook als de meiden wakker zijn!”

Yvette from Amsterdam

“Ons zoontje heeft fijn met Emma gespeeld; heel gezellig!”

Lisa from Amsterdam

“Carlijn was een heel gezellig, lief meisje en speelde zo leuk met mijn kind. Ik wil dat zij komt weer komt om voor ons te oppassen! Bedankt!”

Kelly from Amsterdam

“Noa did a great job. Interacted well with the children and put them to bed. Told Dutch bedtime stories too! She was a last minute addition as our precious sitter cancelled, but we were very happy to have her!”

Silvia from 's-Gravenhage

“Nicole is amazing! She has an amazing sweet and calm character that you can feel it by just meeting her the first time. When my youngest couldn't sleep, she sang for him and soothed him, till he calm down. She is a natural carer. I'm certainly booking her again. It was great meeting her.”

Sarah from 's-Gravenhage

“Very lovely young lady. A lot of giggling and laughing among my daughter and Samya. That's what a mother wants to hear!”

Philip from Amsterdam

“Great sitter.”

Frederique from Heemstede

“Hele leuke en enthousiaste oppas! Zeker voor herhaling vatbaar. Dank Iris!”

Lisa from Amsterdam

“Joelle is ontzettend lief voor ons zoontje en heel betrouwbaar”

Jolanta from Amsterdam

“Great nanny! I will book her again:)”

Tanya from Amsterdam

“Marinde is a fantastic baby sitter. She connected right away with my baby! Really understands the baby's needs . Would definitely recommend her!”

Yvette from Amsterdam

“Houda is een fijne actieve oppas, aan te raden!”

Estee from Amsterdam

“Really polite and caring for my son.”

Karen from Amsterdam

“Hannah was just awesome, would love to work with her again.”

Rolf from Amsterdam

“Margriet maakte direct leuk contact met onze dochter. Ook nog leuk voorgelezen (meertalig) :-)”

Agata from Amsterdam

“Celine was amazing! Zoë was very comfortable with her and had lots of fun. She even put Zoë down for a nap, which is a challenge in and of itself :)))”

Yvette from Amsterdam

“Prettige oppas, fijn contact en lekker praktisch ingesteld. Aanbevolen :-)”

Yvette from Amsterdam

“Mees is een leuke en actieve oppas, goed met jongens!”

Lisa from Amsterdam

“Teresa was a fantastic help! My husband and I were able to have a spontaneous night out and feel confident that our kids were fine! Thank you Teresa!”

Karen from Amsterdam

“Everyone in the family thought Judith was great. The kids enjoyed the evening and we returned home to. Very pleasant atmosphere. Thanks so much!!”

Femke from Amsterdam

“Lieve rustige oppas, kindjes heel tevreden!”

Adrienne from Amsterdam

“Anna was lovely, and the kids really seemed to enjoy having her babysit. She was very kind, and I wouldn't hesitate to use her again.”

Lisa from Amsterdam

“Alles super gegaan, ook met ophalen van de crèche. Onze dochter vond het heel gezellig en de keuken was netjes achtergelaten.”

Lisa from Amsterdam

“Beatrijs was fantastic!! She engaged with my 2.5 yr old from the start. My child had a great time with her while I was away. Would book again!”

Ana from Amsterdam

“Good babysitter! Hands on and smart. Our son was happy.”

Agata from Amsterdam

“Britt is extremely calm and kind, my baby was immediately comfortable with her. Two thumbs up!”

Juan from 's-Gravenhage

“Vera is great with children; she is very friendly and helpful. Great!”

Ana from Amsterdam

“What a great babysitter! Hands on, relaxed! Our son was really happy and was probably even happy to have us leave! Would definitely recommend her”