Charly's ReviewsReviews & Ratings from parents about the Babysitting Angels

In addition to the personal introductory meeting, every babysitter is assessed after every babysitting service. The Babysitting Angel receives a rating from the parent based on 5 stars (on different topics), often supplemented with a written review. These rating and review are transparant and visible for every parent and the Angel in particular. In case of a negative rating or review, we will contact both parent and Babysitting Angel.

Mirjana from Amsterdam

“Lisa is a lovely person. Very helpful. I felt very safe to have my twins taken care by Lisa. ”

Evija from Haarlem

“All good. Thank you and see you tomorrow.”

Njeri from Utrecht

“Yuan helped with pick up and drop off to/from an activity. He also spenta bit of time with my son. He was on time and my son enjoyed his time with him. ”

Patricia from Haarlem


Ewelina from 's-Gravenhage

“Laura did fantastic job with our 3 kids. She also left the play area and kitchen neat. She is very polite, kind and friendly but also able to keep kids disciplined. Thank you for today Laura. ”

Rana from 's-Gravenhage

“she was very nice with the kids and very helpfull !! thanks and for sure we will see you again ?”

R. from Almere

“I would absolutely trust my kids in Nadine care. She is loving and treats my kids as if they were her own. Thank you Nadine for your services ❤️”

Teresa from Amsterdam

“Our twins loved Filiz! She was punctual, sweet and reliable, the kids had lots of fun.”

Jesus from 's-Gravenhage

“Perfect first time with the two boys (6 and 9). They play all the time outside, the boys are very happy with Babette”

Corina from Amsterdam

“Elise was so patient and caring with our son! They really spent a good day together without any issues at all, just pure fun and play. Thank you!”

Allan from Utrecht

“Monique did a great job with our 4 year old!”

Agatha & Oscar from Amsterdam

“Great intake! Patricia was very sweet to our boy and had he had fun playing with her.”

Jennifer from Amsterdam

“Saliha was great! My son immidiately felt at ease with her and had a wonderful time & cant wait for her to come back. ”

Aarti en Imor from Rotterdam

“thank you for your availability on such short notice! ”

Jack from Haarlem

“Oscar loved playing with Lorena!”

Davide from Amsterdam

“Busra is a fantastic babysitter. She plays very naturally with children of all ages. Our 1-yr old actually started crying when she went to leave, which he doesn’t do even with our regular nanny. Thanks, Busra! ”

Clothilde from Amsterdam

“lovely time with Amélie”

Nicolas from Haarlem

“great nanny! ”

Jennifer from Eindhoven

“This was our second time with Manon and my son was so excited to play woth her again!”

Wilmien from Haarlem

“Second time we requested Luca and she was just as good. She takes the time to interact with our Daughter and match her energy.”

Cristina from 's-Gravenhage

“Mariana was great. She supported my daughter with her home learning and they did a great project together. She is very helpful, sweet and sensitive with the kids and they love her. ”

Teresa from Amsterdam

“Robin was able to make my 3-year-old son, who just moved to a new country as of last week, happy and feel loved, safe and at home. I'll definitely ask Robin to babysit my son again ”

Tatiana from Amsterdam

“Myrthe is great with my daughter, she is calm and very patient!”

Vincent from Amstelveen

“Katica is very kind and our daughter loves her. it is a pleasure to have her to take care of our children.”

Daniel from Amsterdam

“The kids had good fun. Lila is great to have around. ”

Jennifer from Eindhoven

“Barite was so great with my son. He really likes playing with her and didnt want her to leave! She also helped us out at the last minute which was very appreciated. ”

Tatiana from Amsterdam

“my children like Myrthe very much! she is reliable, calm and funny!”

Kimberley from Amsterdam

“great as usual”

Jennifer from Eindhoven

“She was very playful with my son, even took him to the park and actually played. She helped him with worksheets and puzzles. He liked her very much and we will use her again”

Nikita from 's-Gravenhage

“Rumbi is patient, kind and did a great job of taking care of my 17 month old baby boy. Thanks and hope to see you again soon. ”

Kimberley from Amsterdam

“Andrea is really great”

Martín from Hilversum

“he bent een star!!! dankjewel. ”

Sophie from Amsterdam

“Rebecca was lovely and our (9 months) son was very comfortable and happy in her care. We will definitely ask her to look after him again!”

Nikita from 's-Gravenhage

“Benthe was very sweet and caring with Adam. Lovely play and good care. She is very communicative and easy going. Thanks Benthe, see you next time. ”

Timo from 's-Gravenhage

“Joy is a wonderful babysitter who got our 2 year old comfortable within no time, while also managing the other two (4 and 7 years). thank you!”

Kady from Amsterdam

“Leila was super nice to the kids!”

Aarti en Imor from Rotterdam


Helene from Amsterdam

“Myriam is lovely, my son was very happy! ”

Lindsay from Amsterdam

“Douae was great with our 6 week old! Very sweet and friendly. ”

Farleyna from Amsterdam

“Aimee was very calm and helpful. Our 5 month old baby loved her!”

Martín from Hilversum

“dankje :)”

Louise from Hilversum

“Our daughter had a great time playing and baking with Alexia, she didn’t want her to leave! ”

Kimberley from Amsterdam

“Maxime is superlief en heel ontspannen met onze kleine man ”

Martín from Hilversum

“Martha is very helpful, she took the kids tonthe park and help arrange their mess while i was in a ling meeting. thanks a lot. we will be definitely reaching outnin the future. ”

Tatiana from Amsterdam

“Jamilia is reliable and responsible, she is also fun and knows how to keep children entertained. Recommended! ”

Inderpreet Singh from Hilversum

“Thanks for the time Nora n my son really enjoyed with you”

Kimberley from Amsterdam

“supersweet with my little man”

Martín from Hilversum

“thanks. ”

Alba from Amsterdam

“Isabelle is very sweet and caring. She took good care of Gala”

Clothilde from Amsterdam

“second time with Amélie always a pleasure for Maddie”

Nikita from 's-Gravenhage

“Lotte is an energetic and lovely girl. She got along really well with my 17 month old son and matched his energy - played in the garden, sang songs, played instruments, taught him new words and fed him and took good care of him. I highly recommend Lotte as a babysitter. ”

Martín from Hilversum

“thanks for coming and baking cookies with the girls Martha. ”

Diana from Diemen

“she is very nice and my child played a lot with her”

Alba from Amsterdam

“Jet is great and super experienced”

William from Utrecht

“Hannah is so good. Our daughter didn't want to let her go. We are very happy with her services!”

Kimberley from Amsterdam

“My boys are in love, Andrea is really great”

Iwan from 's-Gravenhage

“fun day in the snow”

Kateryna from Haarlem

“Our son liked playing with Lorena. She can get along with kids well. Highly recommended!”

Tatiana from Amsterdam

“Jamilia is very friendly and fun, my children love her!”

Gayathri from Amsterdam

“Lisa has truly been very loving and caring to our son. She has been taking care of him three times a week and we couldn't have found a better person to look after him.”

Penelope from Amsterdam

“top babysitter!!”

Priscila from Amsterdam


Karel from Amsterdam

“Giulietta was very sweet with both of our kids, taking them out on adventures outside and listening to what they want and need. Very nice to see your kids interact in such a positive way with a babysitter!”

Teresa from Amsterdam

“Gabriella was great! On time, reliable and sweet with the kids. They loved her!”

Natasa from Amsterdam

“Janick is a fantastic babysitter. My son loved playing with him. Highly recommended! ”

Roderik from 's-Gravenhage

“Cath was great. First time we ever had a babysitter for our 3 year old son. It went well. Within 10 minutes he was comfortable. She also speaks up to him if needed. ”

Dean from Amstelveen

“Brilliant. Kind, gentle & attentive. Always on time. Roksana is very calm with our two little ones and they are very comfortable in Roksanas care. ”

Loic from Amsterdam

“calm and assured babysitter. looked after our two young children well. recommended.”

Anisa from Rotterdam

“Lili was really good with our daughter. She is very enthusiastic and energetic and our daughter loved her. I highly recommend Lili and would love to have her watch our daughter again.”

Alba from Amsterdam

“Great Babysitter, very caring with our baby!”

Myfanwy from Amsterdam

“I would highly recommend Ezgi, she is very nice and makes a lot of effort with our daughter. Very trustworthy, interesting and engaging. And excellent an English speaker. ”

Helena from 's-Gravenhage

“Tamara is a fantastic babysitter. So full of energy and really made our three year old feel at ease. Would definitely recommend! ”

Michel from Amsterdam

“Desi spent the whole week with us, and she took really good care of our 16-month old daughter. She spent the whole time playing with her, and they had a lot of laugh. We will not hesitate to contact her again! :)”

Penelope from Amsterdam

“awesome babysitter!!”

Myfanwy from Amsterdam

“Again our Daughter had a great time with Mariana! ”

Charlotte from Amstelveen

“Louis vond het weer een feestje om te dansen met Sophie!”

Filipa from 's-Gravenhage

“Great again with our 5-month old son. Particularly as he was very upset after getting a vaccine and needed a lot of attention and eveything was great. ”