Pet Care

Coming soon

Do you love dogs or cats and would you like to take care of these four-legged friends? Oh yes, you can! The first requests for dog and cat sitting are slowly trickling in, so keep a close eye on Jobboard for this. Meanwhile, we are working hard behind the scenes to ensure that more bookings come in as quickly as possible.

Requests in Jobboard

Requests for Pet Care will always be visible in Jobboard, recognizable by the special icon. So, make sure your filters are off, then you won't miss it! Families cannot invite Angels directly for a Pet Care booking through a request yet, so keep an eye on Jobboard!

Coming soon: more Pet Care bookings

In the coming period, we are working behind the scenes on our app to make it even better for Pet Care bookings. Once this is ready, we will, of course, send you an update. After that, more bookings will gradually appear in the app. We will keep you informed!

Sanne, about her very first Pet Care booking

“I have been babysitting through Charly Cares for 4 years, and recently, I had my first Pet Care booking. I got to babysit Nabu, a cute 2-year-old Labradoodle, for the whole day. The booking started at 08:00, quite early, but I was warmly greeted by Nabu. During the booking, I enjoyed a nice walk, but I could also study. The owners came home at 18:00. I hope I get to babysit again next time."

Taking care of dogs or cats

A Pet Care booking is often for dogs, for example, to take them for a walk, spend the whole day with them, or even for several days during a vacation or weekend getaway. But Pet Care can also be for other pets, such as cats when the owner is away for a few days.

Frequently asked questions about Pet Care

How much do you earn with a Pet Care booking?

For a Pet Care booking, your standard hourly rate does not apply; instead, you receive a fixed amount per booking. This is because taking care of animals is less intensive than caring for children, and you often have time to do something for yourself. You can see the amount in the description.

Where does the booking take place?

Generally, the booking takes place in and around the animal's home. Sometimes the family may ask if the pet can come to your house; this is always subject to agreement.

Do I need to set anything in my Angel profile for Pet Care?

No, you don't need to set anything yet. Once we have further developed the app, we will give you a heads-up, and you can set in your profile that you also want to take care of animals. But for now, you don't need to set anything!