Babysitting work in Almere

Are you looking for a great babysitting family in Almere? Good news: Charly Cares the Babysitting App is now also available in Almere! So sign up now to become a Babysitting Angel and babysit for lovely families in the area. Everyone is welcome, from 16-year-olds to retirees. As a babysitter, you take care of the children and make sure they have a great day. Download the free Charly Cares app and sign up. See you soon!

  • Bond with your babysitting kids

    You decide for which family you babysit

  • Meet new families near you

    You will be matched with families within cycling distance

  • Earn well & flexible hours

    You choose how much you want to earn per hour in the app

Meet babysitter Irene, who babysits a lot through Charly Cares

“I love babysitting! While babysitting, I can truly forget about everything but the kids. What I love about babysitting is the freedom. Freedom in the hours I work, but mostly freedom in the activities I choose to do with the kids.”

- Irene (24), babysitter for Charly Cares

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Become a babysitter in Almere via Charly Cares!

Looking for babysitting work in Almere? Sign up now to become a Charly Cares babysitter. We have the best families near you. Download the free app and sign up!

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Looking for new babysitting families? This is what you'll need:

  • Available to babysit in the next six months;

  • You're available for at least half a year;

  • You have references from previous babysitting families.

Want to become a babysitter? We would love to meet you!

Parents can get quite nervous leaving their children in the care of a new babysitter. That is why we would love to meet your for an online interview before you can get to work. We just want to be sure that the kids will be in good hands.

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The most fun activities to do with the kids in Almere

Want to start babysitting in Almere?

Great! Sign up now via our app and schedule your interview. We hope to see you soon!

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