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Personally screened babysitters at Charly Cares

Charly Cares wants to offer every family a personally screened babysitter. Therefore the screening and monitoring of the babysitters is essential. By this reason every Babysitting Angel is personally screened on one of our locations. Thereafter every babysitter is assessed by the parents by a rating, eventual supplemented with a review. Charly Cares monitors these assessments and will intervene when it is necessary. This way we keep continuous control of our Babysitting Network and offer transparency to the parent.

A succesful screening is:

  • Resume and (personal) background

    During a personal conversation we check the CV and ask about the (study) background, the experience and motivation.

  • Personality and motivation

    All backgrounds and personalities are welcome within Charly Cares, however, we are strict with the selection at the gate. As Oppas Angel, you are integer, responsible, proactive, social and representative.

  • References check

    After each screening, we will call at least one family to check the references. An additional reference is checked for specific experience.

  • Intensive babysitting experience

    A day service and evening service may vary greatly. Therefore, a babysitter must be able to adapt during the day and have at least 2 years of experience.

  • Babysitting experience

    Charly Cares offers families with children of different ages in her system. A babysitter can adapt and respond on this.

  • PRO

    Tijdens het gesprek checken wij of de oppas in opleiding of werkzaam is binnen de kinderopvang, het basisonderwijs of geneeskunde. During the conversation we check if the babysitter has a education or is working within the child care, primary education or medicine.

Babysitting Angels
Babysitting Angels

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Rating & Reviews

Our goal is to improve the quality and functioning of the Angels transparant and reliable as possible. This happens in collaboration with the parents after every babysitting service. The parents assess the babysitter with a rating based on 1 till 5 starts. Beside that it is possible to write a review about the Babysitting Angel and service. The rating and review can be declined on every moment.  

The written reviews ensure that parens get a better picture of the childcare experience. These reviews are visible for each parent and Babysitting Angel in particular. Charly Cares monitors these reviews and will intervene with negative assessments. Creating a safe and transparant environment is what Charly Cares stands for.

Babysitter with experience with babies
Babysitter with experience with babies

Experience with babies

A Babysitting Angel can only babysit infants (0 – 12 months) if they have the right experience. This means that they have babysat babies during the day as well as during the night.

Experience with babies is classified in two groups: 0 – 6 months and/or 6 – 12 months. Angels can have experience with both groups or one of the two. This will be shown on their Angel profile. Families with babies will only be matched to Babysitting Angels with specific babies experience.

Babysitters who have experience with babies are screened even stricter. Infants are an especially vulnerable target group that should be handled with extra care. During the screening we check how they handle activities such as bottle feeding, sleep rhythm and changing diapers.

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Extra experienced babysitters Babysitters with specific experience

Most of our Babysitting Angels are (university) students or recent graduates who babysit as a part time job. In most cases, our babysitters started babysitting children when they were teenagers. About 65% of our babysitters is educated in a child related field such as teaching (assistant) or pedagogy. In addition, some Angels have additional experience as a certified nanny or have a (children’s) First Aid certificate.

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