EHBO Bureau (first aid) in collaboration with Charly Cares

A few times a year Charly Cares organizes a first aid workshop in collaboration with EHBO bureau (first aid bureau). All Babysitting Angels en parents learn the most important do's and don'ts, in three hours time, in case of emergencies.

The EHBO bureau also finds it important that all the workshop participants practice the right first aid skills until they master it. To ensure this, all participants practice the skills on dolls.

One of the Babysitting Angels (Isabelle) was present during the last first aid workshop. Even after 40 hours of babysitting the past week, Isabelle found it important to participate this workshop anyway.

“I work with many different families and take care of many children of different ages. That is a huge responsibility. Tonight I hope to learn what to do if a little child chokes on his food. How will I prevent this to end op bad? Im really curious for the information!"


Did you already participated a first aid workshop?

Isabelle advises everyone to participate a first aid workshop. Especially the Babysitting Angels. You learn a lot in just three hours and Charly Cares even gives every Babysitting Angel half of the workshop for free!

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