7x how an Angel can fully unburden you!

A Babysitting Angel from Charly Cares supports with the care of the children

No matter how fun it is to have kids, being a father or mother is a fulltime job. Children simply need a lot of time and attention. Still, you’d like to have the occasional afternoon or evening to yourself, right? Luckily, a Charly Cares Babysitting Angel can help you with that. This is how an Angel can fully unburden you:

#1 Have some time to yourself

As soon as the babysitter is there and you’ve left the house, it’s you-time. No need to worry about the children for a bit. Thanks to the Charly Cares Angels, you can go out for dinner with your partner, meet up with friends or go see a movie, for example. How great is that?

“I really like it when parents can leave for a night out comfortably. You’re really giving back, I feel.” - Angel Florine

Babysitter Florine takes care of her babysitting child and gives the parents a night out

#2 The children will get plenty of attention

How great is it that the babysitter is there entirely for the children. They can go read together, play, puzzle, do arts and craft. If you set some ground rules, the babysitter can even take the children outside to a playground if the weather is nice. That way, they can play outside together.

#3 Let the babysitter come half an hour early

A babysitter is there for the kids, but, as most parents know, it’s difficult to fully watch them when there’s also cooking that needs to be done. Invite the babysitter to come half an hour earlier. That way, the babysitter can get started with the cooking and there’ll be plenty of time for the kids later.

The Babysitting Angel cooks a healthy meal from Hello Fresh together with the kids

#4 Use HelloFresh

With the HelloFresh box, you’ll make cooking easy for both yourself and the babysitter. No need to go out to get groceries, because everything you need will already be there. “Children often love helping with the cooking. Especially when they are a bit older, it can be quite fun. When parents ask me to prepare a meal using the HelloFresh box, it’s also fun for the kids. They can help by washing the veggies or setting the table”, says Angel Florine.

#5 The babysitter can do the grocery shopping

Forgotten something at the supermarket? No problem, your babysitter can run by the store with the kids. Something the kids will also surely love! Do try to leave some money for the babysitter on the table.

#6 Picking up from school and sports practice

Do you have a fixed babysitter? Ask if your babysitter can pick the children up from school and bring them to their sports practice. In the meantime, the babysitter can go home to prepare dinner, so that everything will be ready when the kids come home.

#7 Every little bit counts

Ask the babysitter to do small chores around the house while your little one naps. Think of, for example, hanging laundry, emptying the dishwasher, or ask the babysitter to quickly vacuum the living room. By doing this during nap time, your little one won’t suffer either.