Mama knows best10 x fun & useful tips from moms!

Milk as a plant food, paracetamol against mouth ulcers and tricks to lessen nausea: mama knows best! Read the 10 most popular tips from moms, how many do you recognise?

Tip 1: Remove stains and chewing gum with peanut butter!

Apply a little bit of peanut butter to the stain and throw your clothes in the washing machine (40 degrees). Because of the oil in peanut butter, you can rub the gum right out of your hair.

Tip 2: Butter works miracles in the kitchen

Do you want to be sure the water doesn’t boil over? Add a bit of butter when cooking pasta or potatoes. You can also use a wooden spoon. We do not recommend this when you are using a gas stove.

Tip 3: How do you get rid of fruit flies?

Fruit flies can be very annoying. Use vinegar! Mix together a little water with a dash of vinegar and some dishwashing soap. The soap makes the fruit flies sink and drown.

Tip 4: Have you eaten garlic and have to meet someone later?

You can, of course, use chewing gum, but what is also really effective to get rid of garlic breath, is chewing on some parsley. Supposedly, you can also use a piece of dark chocolate (85%)!

Tip 5: Take care of your houseplants with a dash of milk

A dash of milk works miracles on houseplants. Mix together a bit of water with some milk in a spray bottle and spray on your plants. That way, they will stay nice and green!

What are you giving for Mother’s Day?
What are you giving for Mother’s Day?

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Tip 6: How to get dog smell out of your carpet!

Sprinkle some laundry detergent on your carpet and let it ‘marinate’ for about an hour. With the vacuum, you can suck the powder right out of the carpet, leaving behind only a deliciously fresh scent.

Tip 7: What helps with nausea?

First of, it will be useful to know what cause the nausea. Did you drink any alcohol the night before? Eat some dry bread or crackers. Dry bread will absorb a large part of the alcohol in your digestive system. For everything else, for example morning sickness during the pregnancy, you’re best off drinking a cup of ginger tea or warm water with honey.

Tip 8: Making your hair grow faster?

Brush your hair – or more accurately, your skull – once a day. This promotes the blood flow in your head and makes your hair grow faster.

Tip 9: Suffering from a mouth ulcer?

Take away some of the pain by making a paracetamol melt in your mouth. Keep the paracetamol on your ulcer as much as possible. Use flavoured paracetamol if you hate the taste.

Tip 10: Decalcify your washing machine with vinegar & soda

The cheapest way to decalcify your washing machine is using vinegar and soda! Run a washing cycle every other month at 90 degrees with soda and vinegar in the machine. This works decalcifies your machine and removes any lingering traces of fabric softener. Of course, don’t add any laundry to it!

A box full of musthaves!
A box full of musthaves!

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