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Difficult right, finding a babysitter. At least, it used to be. After all, the girl next door was very sweet, but a bit too young. And that friend of a friend kept cancelling at the last moment. How do you know where you can find the right and most trustworthy babysitter for your child(ren)? Don’t look further dear, Charly Cares is here! We offer you a Babysitting Angel that fits your family: trustworthy and experienced.

Trustworthy babysitter

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“You keep mentioning trustworthiness, but how do we know what you test on?” A good and justified question. We notice a lot of parents can be quite sceptical when it comes to their babysitter. They need to, of course, make sure their home is a safe haven for their kids and we will therefore do everything we can to pick the right Angels. To be eligible for a screening, babysitters need to have at least two years of relevant babysitting experience. “Okay, but that is still not saying a lot…” You’re right, which is why we always contact two references. Afterwards, we will carefully screen them to see if the Babysitting Angel fits Charly Cares. “When does an Angel start with Charly Cares?” When the references come back positive, the screening has gone well, we can see that they have experience and that they are flexible. And, of course, we need to feel good about it as well.

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Babysitter with baby experience

If you are living with your own mini me, it can be quite difficult to entrust your little one to someone you do not know very well. You at least want to be sure that your offspring is taken care of. Our Babysitting Angels are only allowed ot babysit new-borns if they have sufficient baby-experience. What that means? It means that the Angel has recent babysitting experience with babies at day- and night-time. There are three categories: Newborn (0-6 months); Baby (6-12 months) and Toddler (12-24 months). A babysitter can have experience in all categories or just one. This will always be indicated in the babysitter’s profile.


Rate your babysitter!

Our goal is to make the quality and functioning of the babysitters as transparent as possible, to paint an honest picture. Which is why it is important for you to rate the babysitter after each babysitting service by using a star rating. You can also write a review, if you want.A little more about the rating: 5 stars is the highest, if your rating is below 4 stars, we call both the parent(s) as well as the babysitter to see if there is room for improvement. We monitor reviews and intervene when necessary. So we can create a safe and transparent environment. Great for the babysitter, great for you.

Ratings & Reviews

George from Amsterdam

“This is our second time hiring Willemijn. She’s excellent and our son really enjoys being with her. We hope to book her again soon! Highly recommend. ”

Aniko from Utrecht

“Annemiek was great and very sweet! Thank you very much”

Qifeng from Amsterdam

“Very friendly and supportive!!”

CHIOMA from Amsterdam

“Siun was great with our son! He had so much fun playing with her with his toys and taking a walk outside. I will definitely be using her again! ”

Mouna from Voorburg

“She is perfect ”

Anna from Amsterdam

“Thanks for the help! My child had a good connection with the Angel. ”

Jesse from Amsterdam

“Julie is so kind and was very generous with her time. Great sitter. ”

Inge from 's-Gravenhage

“Communicator ging heel goed. Hannah was op tijd en alles liep soepel. De meiden vond haar geweldig. Zal haar heel graag weer wil gebruiken en z ik zal haar zeker aanraden als Oppas. Bedankt Hannah ”

Patricia from Amsterdam

“Lisa is great. Will book in the future without a doubt.”

Eugenie from Amsterdam

“Great, sweet, responsible as always.”

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Better safe than sorry

An accident can happen anytime. No matter how alert you are, children are fast as lightning and quite reckless. Which is why it can make you feel safe to take a Children’s First Aid course. Charly Cares values safety for every child. Several times during the year, we will organise a Children’s First Aid course in collaboration with professionals. For parents, but also for Babysitting Angels. So they can learn how to respond to emergencies. Of course, you hope never to have to use any of the procedures, but it can be useful to know nonetheless.

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