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Take a Children First Aid workshop with Charly Cares

Charly Cares highly values the safety of every child. To protect the safety of newborns and children, Charly Cares organises a Children First Aid workshop a couple of times a years to teach Babysitting Angels and parents how to act in case of an emergency during the babysitting or at other unexpected moments.

In collaboration with EHBO bureau, Charly Cares organises a workshop Children First Aid at a beautiful location in the heart of Amsterdam. During this three hour long workshop, both parents and Babysitting Angels learn how to act in case of emergency. Sign up now through the EHBO Bureau for the Children First Aid workshop and you’ll learn how to act in case of emergency.

What will I learn during this workshop?

During the workshop we discuss different subjects to help you handle emergency situations the right way:

✓ Providing assistance to children in 5 steps
✓ Choking
✓ Burns
✓ Cuts and lacerations
✓ Stable side position
✓ Poisoning
✓ Minor accidents (nosebleed, object in nose / ear, insect or tick bite)

When is the workshop?

Data | Click here for dates and availability.

Costs | We offer the workshop for a a one-time discount of €54 euro per person. For our Babysitting Angels we offer a special prize of € 25 euro. Angels can sign up with this link.

Apply for workshop | If you are interested in a first aid workshop, please mail to info@charlycares.com.

Book a babysitter | Are you not a member of Charly Cares yet? Book your babysitter with the code “First Aid” for the workshop!

After the workshop, participants will receive a digital first aid instruction document containing key information about the subject that are covered.

Book a Babysitting Angel for during the First Aid workshop!

As a parent you want the best for your child(ren), therefore following the First Aid workshop is a good chance to learn how to handle in emergencies.

Book a Babysitting Angel

Experiences from the Children First Aid workshop

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I’ve always wondered whether I would know what to do and stay calm the moment something happens. I now know the answer is yes. Happy I’ve taken the workshop and it will come back the moment you need it.


Good base workshop, clear explanations, enthusiastic instructor.