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Want to babysit the cutest kids near you? Many parents are currently looking for a babysitter for a night out, a weekend afternoon, or just because. Want to start babysitting? Schedule your interview now, and get to work straight away! And are you babysitting at least 5x in your first month? Then you'll have a chance at getting these awesome items. Read on now, because many awesome items are coming!

If you babysit at least 5x in your first month...

  • You'll be the first to score awesome items

  • You can start earning money

  • You will get to bond with kids near you

How do I start babysitting?

Before you can start working as a Babysitting Angel, we would love to meet you for an online interview. During the interview, we will discuss your motivation and experience. This will also be an opportunity for you to ask us any questions you may have.

What you'll need for the interview:

  • Relevant experience with children

  • 2 references from families for whom you've babysat before

  • You are available for at least half a year

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Do you plan on getting started straight after the interview and babysitting at least 5x in the first month? Then you will be the first to be able to score these items in our special Charly's Shop in the app. Don’t miss out!

  • Conscious Hotel

    A two-person stay at the Conscious Hotel, including dinner


    Shop credit at for a free pair of sunglasses

  • Guts & Gusto

    Shop till you drop with €50 shop credit at Guts & Gusto

  • Label Unik

    Initial Bag + Make-Up bag worth €50

  • Your favourite cafe

    Get reimbursed for your cafe receipt up to €50

  • Fresh ‘n Rebel

    Bold XS box worth €39,95

  • Novi Amsterdam

    Get a unique discount code for 20% off

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And babysit 5x in your first month, so that you can be the first to score the best items in Charly's Shop.

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Frequently asked questions

What will my interview at Charly Cares look like?

During the interview, we discuss your background, character, what type of babysitter you are, and, of course, your babysitting experience. We will also explain our app to you. The interview will last a maximum of 30 minutes. See you soon!

More on the interview

What should I bring to the interview?

Good of you to ask. We would like you to bring a valid form of identity (ID card, passport, or driver's license), your debit card, and the details of your references. For your references, we will need the contact details from at least two families for whom you've babysat before.