Want to babysit? Score these goodies!

Want to start babysitting more often again? Many parents are currently looking for a babysitter for a night out, a weekend afternoon, or just because. Will you fulfil these flexible babysitting services? We are rewarding our best Angels with a little bonus. If you babysit at least 5x per month, you will be one of the Early Birds, meaning you will be the first to know about new items in Charly's Shop. Read on now, because many awesome items are coming!

Babysitting at least 5x per month means

  • Early Bird access to Charly’s Shop

  • Be the first to score awesome items

  • Earn some money

How do I babysit at least 5x per month?

We can hear you think, “how do I make sure I get 5 babysitting services?” No worries, follow our tips and you'll be good to go!

  • Keep an eye on Jobboard. We will send you an update about new Jobs once a week, but new, fun requests can pop up at any time.

  • Make sure your calendar is fully up to date. Extra tip: simply sync your private calendar with the press of a button.

  • Make sure you have an attractive profile with an extensive bio. Inside information: we have noticed that Angels with a video get booked more often.

I want to babysit

Be the first to score these goodies!

Are you babysitting at least 5x this month? YAY! Then we'll give you a heads up when new items are added to Charly's Shop. Don't miss out!

  • Conscious Hotel

    A two-person stay at the Conscious Hotel, including dinner

  • Zonnebrillen.com

    Shop credit at zonnebrillen.com for a free pair of sunglasses

  • Guts & Gusto

    Shop till you drop with €50 shop credit at Guts & Gusto

  • Label Unik

    Initial Bag + Make-Up bag worth €50

  • Your favourite cafe

    Get reimbursed for your cafe receipt up to €50

  • Fresh ‘n Rebel

    Bold XS box worth €39,95

  • Novi Amsterdam

    Get a unique discount code for 20% off

Want to become an Early Bird and be kept up to date about when these items are added to Charly's Shop?

I want to babysit

Babysitting via Charly Cares; the best part-time job there is

Need a refresher as to why babysitting via Charly Cares is the best job there is? These Angels will tell you more about their experience!

- Earn well

- Flexible hours

- For the best families near you

Babysit 5x per month now

And be the first to score the best items in Charly's Shop

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Frequently asked questions

When will I receive a booking request?

When parents are looking for a Babysitting Angel they will make a booking through the app. The moment they make a booking, they get a search result. This search result is based on age, hourly rate and any additional filters. When your calendar is not blocked on the days that a parent makes a booking, you can receive a booking request.

Can I find booking requests myself?

Yes! In the app you will find the function 'Jobboard'. This function shows a maximum of 5 pending bookings in your area. Please note that we only matches based on hourly rate and distance. Note: please check you agenda and the family profile first before offering yourself to a booking.

Why is filling in my calendar so important?

When you keep your calendar up to date, you only receive booking requests when you are available to babysit. If you keep your agenda up to date you will not receive any booking requests if you are not available.