Meet The ParentsHilke van Lieshout

Do you have a reservation at a restaurant you have never been before? Then you probably had help of your family, friends or acquaintances. Perhaps they have been there before and told you all the ins and outs. Or, you have read several good reviews via Google which convinced you to make a reservation.

Seeing is believing.

"I was already looking for a flexible babysitter because of my job. Then someone at school told me about Charly Cares. I decided to contact the company to get more information and it immediately got my interest."

Hilke van Lieshout

Top 3 benefits of using Charly Cares according to Hilke

  • Possibility of flexibility

  • Personally screened Angels

  • Charly Cares support

Every family has its differences and each family has other needs. Hilke and her partner Hans are both working parents. Together they have three kids with the age of seven, ten and eleven. Luckily their children are quite independent themselves which gives Hilke and Hans less stress. But to get that full flexibility experience it is always handy to have a little help from a Flexible, Last minute or an extra Fixed Babysitting Angel.

"As a working parent you have no time to take care of everything at the same time. The ability of more flexibility is in our case really necessary. I do not want to worry about my fixed babysitter who is only available for one day a week. It is really reassuring to know that there is always someone steady to help you out. Now we can switch our work shifts whenever we want to."

Hilke van Lieshout

Hilke her three children from old to young.
Hilke her three children from old to young.

A reliable Babysitting Angle at home

"One of the reasons I am using the Charly Cares App is because of the personally screened babysitters. I do not need to question myself if the booked Angel is reliable and professional enough to handle my kids."

Hilke van Lieshout

All the Babysitting Angels are invited to the Charly Cares office for a personal screening. It is important that all the sitters have the right skills and experience. That is why we make sure all the Angels have at least two years babysitting experience.

All the bookings are strictly being monitored

"One day I gave an Angel a lower rating than usual and within the same day I received a call from Charly Cares. They wanted to know more about it and I found it really professional of them. It shows that they value the quality of their services by monitoring all the activities."

Hilke van Lieshout

Say goodbye to babysitting stress 

Most parents need to arrange a lot of things before they finally got a match with a babysitter, such as:

  • Finding a reliable babysitter with the right skills;
  • Finding a babysitter who is actually available;
  • Finding a babysitter for a reasonable price;
  • Finding a last-minute solution because your babysitter can not come.

Before you know it you are already making a lot of calls and sending a lot of text messages. Hilke also had a classic stress situation:

Her babysitter just called in sick, what now?

"I was in the middle of a training and I saw two missed calls on my private phone. Apparently my babysitter was too sick to pick up my kids at school at 12 am. In the meantime Charly Cares already fixed another Babysitting Angel to pick up my kids. To me this is one of the biggest benefit of all. Having a Charly Cares support team which is always steady to help you out in every situation."

Hilke van Lieshout

What do the Lieshout children think of the Babysitting Angels?

Two of the three children of Hilke and Hans are already teenagers. Which means they might have got a strong opinion already. Luckily the Lieshout children are really flexible with meeting new people.

"I never have to worry about my children if they will like the new Babysitting Angel or not. But I must say that my oldest son of eleven actually do not care about a lot of things haha!" 

Hilke van Lieshout

The other two children on the other hand are more enthusiastic about the Babysitting Angels:

"My little girl and youngest son really enjoy the presence of a Babysitting Angel because they usually do a lot of fun things together. For example, one of the Angels brought her little dog with her when she had to babysit my kids. You can imagine how much they loved it!"

Hilke van Lieshout

Hilke haar drie kinderen.
Hilke haar drie kinderen.

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