Charly's All Star AngelLaila Pezaro

It is half past six in the evening and you are almost ready to go out with your friends. While you are still deciding of what to wear you can already hear your childeren become impatient. “Mom! Are you done already?!”

After ten long minutes you have finally found the right outfit and go downstairs to grab your bag. Not even five seconds has past and someone already rang the doorbell. Your children are going wild and rush to the door to greet someone they apparently have been waiting for. They quickly open the door and warmly welcome the guest.

Here she is: your Babysitting Angel!

Na tien minuten haasten voor de spiegel loop je naar beneden en nog geen vijf tellen later gaat de bel. De kinderen rennen wild naar de voordeur en met één zwaai wordt diegene die aanbelde warm onthaald.

Daar is ze dan: jouw Oppas Angel!

It is not easy to become an All star Angel

Charly always says:

"You do not become a Babysitting Angel, you are one."

Charlotte van der Straten

Every day a lot of Babysitting Angels are being booked via the Charly Cares App. Whether it is on a fixed, flexible or last minute base. A lot of families are repeatedly assisted by a Babysitting Angel in their neighbourhood. But just as there are so many families, there are also as many different Babysitting Angels.

You can find more information about all our Babysitters here.

There are so many sitters with each their own personal qualities. Now we would like to emphasize these qualities by putting a Babysitting Angel in the spotlights every month. This Angel will be proudly entitled as an: All Star Angel.

Already curious who it will be?

Our first All Star Angel

She lives in Heemstede and has already more than 50 bookings since November 2016. With an average rating of 4.92 (of 5) we proudly present to you: Laila Pezaro as our first All Star Angel. According to Laila the secret of becoming a great Babysitter is having a good connection with your babysitting kid.

Laila says:

“I think it is important that the children I need to babysit are comfortable with me as their babysitter and are at ease when their parents are leaving. This way parents can leave the house without any trouble and I can fulfil my duty as a Babysitting Angel”

Laila Pezaro

First booking VS most recent booking

The first booking as a Babysitting Angel is always exciting. What can you expect as a sitter? Will the children like you enough so their parents will book you again?

For Laila it could not be more exciting than it already was:

“I must admit, I felt a little nervous. It felt like I was going to my first job interview. But I see so much difference between my first and most recent booking. Now I am already familiar with the Charly Cares system and what parents expect from me as a Babysitting Angel. I even have a lot of fixed addresses I can work for now.”

Laila Pezaro

5 most recent reviews about Laila Pezaro

Are you curious what other families has to say about the Angel in the spotlight? Read Laila her 5 most recent reviews:

  1. Family de Ruijt: “Truly amazing!”
  2. Family Eijkelenkamp: “An enthusiastic and sweet babysitter.
  3. Family Wisse: “Laila immediately had a click with the kids and creates a safe/reliable environment. Communication is perfect, we strongly recommend her!”
  4. Family Klijn: “Laila was cheerful and friendly. She took care of everything effortlessly.”
  5. Family Lutje Schiphol “Laila has been babysitting my two children (7 months and 3 years) for a few times already. We are very happy with her. She is sweet and nice with the kids. A very spontaneous and reliable babysitter!"

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On base of your zipcode you can find any Angels in your neighbourhood. Have a look in the Charly Cares App and see all the ratings and reviews of all the Angels.