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Book a last minute babysitter

A spontaneous night out or an important meeting that has just been rescheduled. Add to that the stress of finding a babysitter. But worry no more, because Charly Cares also has a last minute babysitter for you!

  • Up until 3 hours in advance

  • Your own babysitting pool

  • 24/7 personal contact

Book your last minute babysitter super quick with Charly Cares

Parents can find themselves without a babysitter now and then. If your parents are available, then you are in luck, but of course they cannot always make it! And besides: sometimes you just want to grab a bite to eat with your partner. Or you find yourself suddenly craving a yoga class. Would be great if someone can watch the kids in those situations. Through Charly Cares, you can book a last minute babysitter in no time. A trusted, experienced Babysitting Angel will be there as soon as possible, so you can do your thing. That way, you will never again have babysitting stress and know you are leaving your children in your own safe environment.

If this is your first time booking a last-minute babysitter, you can always ask the Babysitting Angel to come a bit early to meet you and your family. Please note that you still have to create the booking at least 3 hours in advance. So the babysitter has some time to get ready as well.

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Read the experiences from our parentsOn the Babysitting Angels

Kelly from Amsterdam

“Lara was awesome again with our girls! When we left she was entertaining them so well there were no tears. She fed them and put them to bed with no problems. Can highly recommend her. Than you Lara!”

Faadiel from Voorburg

“Geetha is kind and wonderful with the boys. They like having her around and she takes excellent care of them.”

Carolina from Amsterdam

“She was really attentive to our instructions, as well as meeting with us beforehand to get to know each other and our kid seemed to adapt to her quickly. We will be booking her again soon.”

Ikechi from Amsterdam

“Anne was really nice and good with my newborn. She held held her, fed her, changed her, and kept her happy while I cleaned up and ran errands. Thanks for helping me today!”

George from Amsterdam

“Lyna is a wonderful babysitter. Her response time is quick, her communication excellent and more importantly she’s great with kids. We’ve booked her twice already and will continue To do so. Highly recommend! ”

Pamela from Amstelveen

“Shea was super with our kids, nice, fun, flexible and in control. The perfect combo for a sitter I would say! She babysat for us a few times picking the kids up from school and spending the afternoon with them. What stood out is that she goes the extra mile, and does it with joy. For example cooking a full meal based on a recipe, taking the kids to sports lessons and hanging out there with them, thinking proactively when arranging play dates, etc. She was also flexible with staying a bit longer if needed. Would definitely welcome her back and recommend her!”

Julia from Amsterdam

“Sabine is wonderful with our son - very attentive and caring!”

Pippa from Amsterdam

“Linde is lovely, very calm with my 14 month old and he was in a very good mood on my return at 6pm which is rarely the case when he is with me. Would definitely use Linde again. ”

Jhia Chun from Haarlem

“Zhora is a sweet girl. She brought our toddler to the Speeltuin and he came back home happy. He was very happy having her around. ”

Valentina from 's-Gravenhage

“My daughter was so happy she said : ' mum i like her she is so funny' so I'm happy as well!”

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How does it work?

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Need a last minute babysitter? With Chary Cares you can find an experienced, screened babysitter in minutes. You indicate the time you need your last minute babysitter and while you wait, we will find you a match. Select at least 3 and a maximum of 5 Babysitting Angels, so you can make sure one of them is available. Then you can decide who will babysit in a little bit! Urgently searching for and finding a babysitter has never been this easy. We have said it before, but make sure you book at least 3 hours in advance.

Standby babysitter

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Fun fact: Charly Cares always adds Standby Angels for Friday night, Saturday (night) and Sunday afternoon. Eh, what now? Well, if you have picked your last minute Babysitting Angels, but they happen to be unavailable at the last moment, it would be great if you could still go to the gym. Or to that one event. Or that appointment tomorrow. We have said it before: no more babysitting stress. Standby Angels to the rescue!

The Standby Angels are personally screened just like the other babysitters and are just as experienced.

Book a babysitter up until 3 hours in advance!

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So, you can book a last minute babysitter up until 3 hours in advance. Of course, it would be nice for you and your family if you can find a babysitter who becomes an instant favourite. Which is why you will always first create a pool consisting of 3 or 4 Babysitting Angels who belong to your favourites. Chances are, of course, that they cannot take on a babysitting service on such short notice. Tip from Charly: book a little before those 3 hours.

Are your favourite Babysitting Angels unavailable, then you can simply pick a different trustworthy, screened and experienced babysitter.

Book an experienced last minute babysitter with ease!

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Frequently asked questions

How do I book a Last minute Babysitting Angel?

Last minute Babysitting Angel (less than 48 hours in advance): Go to book → enter your babysitting moment → search for available Angels → select 5 Babysitting Angels → write a personal message and send the request!

What are the costs of a babysitting service?

The costs of one booking will depend on the hourly rate. The rate varies between €5 and €11 per hour.

Depending on your membership you will pay the following costs per booking besides the hourly rate:

-Basic membership - €7,50 per booking

-Flexible membership €3 per booking

-Premium membership - no booking costs

How do I pay the Babysitting Angel?

The payment is processed automatically through the app. When the Babysitting Angel arrives at your house, a timer will automatically start running. When you come home, you can stop the timer and the payment will be created and deducted from your account within a two working days. No more hassle with cash!