Before sleepy time
Before sleepy time

Book a last-minute babysitter Up to 3 hours in advance

Booking a babysitter last-minute can be a great solution for busy families living in the city. Finding a babysitter last-minute can be very stressful for families. Loads of families with (young) children have a dynamic life, a full schedule or a demanding home life. Our last-minute babysitters are here to help you.

Through our system you can book a last-minute babysitter up to 3 hours in advance. Choose a screened babysitter that fits your busy family life!

Babysitting Angels
Babysitting Angels

What is ‘last-minute booking’?

Charly Cares helps you to say ‘yes’ to your plans, even if they are unexpected. You can quickly make a last-minute booking through our system. Select the date and time when you need a babysitter. You will be redirected to the page where you can see all available Babysitting Angels for that specific day and time.

Select at least three and a maximum of five Angels for a last minute request. Keep in mind that your favourite babysitter(s) may not be available for that day or time. Read more about the babysitters.

Stand-by babysitter

Do not worry when your favourite Angel is not available. Charly Cares has many reliable Babysitting Angels available in her system. During weekends or busy events/holidays Charly Cares deploys Stand-by Angels. Standby Angels are babysitters that have the right experience and are available in case your favourite babysitter is not available at the last moment.

Create your own babysitting pool

At Charly Cares you can book a last-minute babysitter up to 3 hours in advance. We aim to enable you to book your favourite Babysitting Angels as much as possible. You can do this by creating your own babysitting pool with 3 or 4 Angels. Do not worry when your favourite babysitter is not available. With Charly Cares you can always book a reliable and screened babysitter from your own neighbourhood.

With Charly Cares you do not have to stress on busy days or other occasions. Your children are in good hands with our (last-minute) Angels. After all, you do not want to leave your most prized possession in the hands of a stranger.

Find an experienced last-minute babysitter!

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