The most fun autumn (break) activities to do with the kids

Autumn has officially started, which means we can finally start organising autumn activities! We have found and listed the most fun children’s performances, museums, and outdoor activities in your neighbourhood!

#1. Haarlem & Leiden

Come pick apples and pears at the Olmenhorst in Lisserbroek! Bring your own crate or basket and pick away. You cannot only pick, but there are plenty more activities to experience, such as cooking workshops, scavenger hunts and petting horses and ponies. For the real “muggen”, the festival Mugfest takes place at the beginning of October! Be surprised on 6 October in the Haarlemmer Kweektuin with theatre and music.

#2. Utrecht

You might have already heard, but all of Utrecht will be dedicated to robots and music. In the Museum Speelklok, at the international performance “robots love music”, you can admire the oldest and newest musical robots. But not only the museum will be transformed, the whole city will be turned upside down! At several locations, such as podiums and universities, there will be performances to admire. Prefer a quieter environment? In the forests surrounding Utrecht there will be plenty to do as well! The kids can learn to make compost or be spooked at Boerderij de Boerinn during autumn break. So, plenty to do!

#4. Amsterdam/Amstelveen

With rainy days on the horizon, it’s always great for there to be plenty of indoor activities as well. Go see a puppet show with the little ones. Keep every last Wednesday of the month in mind, because then Jan Klaassen will play a fairy-tale in the puppet show. Kids will love it!

Prefer to be outside with the kids as much as possible? IVN natuur education takes you on a hunt for the most beautiful mushrooms and birds and lets you taste roasted chestnuts. Have a quick look at which excursions are being organised in your neighbourhood.

Want to go outside but rather not get your shoes muddy? Take the kids ice skating or watch the kids learn to skate while enjoying a mug of hot cocoa at skating club Jaap Eden.

#7. The Hague

How fun! The Knaaghof is opening its doors on 30 September! With Animal Day fast approaching, this is thé event for all the little ones. Watch the animal ambulance, meet a veterinarian and buy the best goodies for bunnies and rodents. Is your little one between 0 and 12 months old? Then you simply cannot miss the baby-concert at Theater Dakota! While musicians play the most beautiful classical music, the little ones crawl around and marvel at the music.

#3. Eindhoven

Ever thought of taking a sports class with the kids? Now’s the time! Attend the Ouder & Kind yoga class together! Be sure to save the weekend of 6 and 7 October because this weekend will be all about science! Have a peek into the wondrous world of science at research institutions, universities and museums.

#5. Rotterdam

Not only Eindhoven will be all about science, but there will be plenty scientific things to do in other cities as well! The Belasting & Douane museums will be opening its doors and let you have a look behind the scenes. A tracking dog will show what real detective work looks like, and the most bizarre confiscated items will be displayed.

There will be a special KIDSLAB specifically for the kids, where kids can perform real experiments. For the littlest ones (2+), there will be a musical performance at the Theater Walhalla, named “VaarWel” and inspired by the children’s book De kleine Walvis from Benji Davies. Enjoy!