Charly Cares Doctor Helpline

A Babysitting Angel could end up in a situation where consultation or (medical) advice is desired during a babysitting service.Normally the Angel would contact the parent, general practice centre or the designated contact person. In case the Angel cannot reach any one of these, the Doctor Helpline comes in. This helpline will be available to Angels 24/7 for consultation when (minor) accidents occur.

A sudden case of the flu, a scrape, or a tick bite can occur at anytime. Imagine the Angel cannot reach you, but would like to be consulted. Through the help button in the Charly Cares App the Angel will be able to obtain medical advice 24/7 to be sure that the right measures are taken. Naturally, the Angel will only do this if they are not able to reach you. For any sudden emergencies, the national emergency number will always have to be called.In short, Charly Cares Doctor Helpline in collaboration with Allianz Global Assistance will allow you to leave the house without any worries.

Who are Allianz Global Assistance

With more than 21.500 employees worldwide, Allianz Global Assistance is the international market leader in medical assistance. They are active in 41 countries and speak a combined 70 languages. With their network of medical service providers they are available to help you day and night.In The Netherlands they employ 350 service providers, who take care of medical assistance for more than 1.5 million Dutch inhabitants. From now on, they will also provide support to all of our Angels.

What are the Angel insurance & doctor helpline?

Safety is incredibly important within our community, which is why a Charly Cares Babysitting Angel will have an Angel liability insurance and 24/7 access to a doctor helpline. Through these, the Angel is insured for liability damage sustained during the babysitting service & will have 24/7 access to medical advice from professionals.

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When can an Angel call the doctor helpline?

In case of emergency, the Angel will always call 112. But if, for example, your child has fallen and scraped their knee or suffered a tick bite, the doctor helpline will be available to the Angel 24/7. The babysitter will then receive medical advice from a professional.

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Wat are the costs of the insurance and doctor helpline?

Of course, we aim to keep the costs of the doctor helpline & Angel liability insurance as low as possible. The costs will be charged to the parent. Starting from September 1st, we will charge the following costs per babysitting service on behalf of insurer Aon:

  • 24/7 doctor helpline: €0,04 per hour
  • Angel liability insurance: €0,095 per hour

We are here for you! 24/7 support

Do you have questions or can we help you with anything? Our Support Team is always there for you. You can reach us by calling 020 - 210 23 23 or by sending a WhatsApp message to +31202102323. We’d love to help you out!

- Operations & Customer Care Manager Nicky Hoes