Babysitter required?

If you have children, you know you are managing non-stop. There is nothing wrong with that, but a little extra help might not be such a bad idea. This is why a babysitter could be the perfect solution. But how do you find one?

Many people have difficulties finding an adequate babysitter. Where to get them from? Who are you inviting into your home? You want to leave your children with a babysitter safe and with peace of mind. Especially if you do not know the babysitter personally. We feel exactly the same way, which is why we select only the best babysitter for you. One that meets all your wishes!

  • Personally screened babysitter

  • Fixed, after-school, flexible & last minute

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You ask, we find. It’s that easy.

All you have to do is create an account on Charly Cares, fill in the date/ dates on which you need a babysitter, indicate your wishes, and we will show you the matching Babysitting Angels. Then you can choose the Angel that suits you and your family best. A tip from us: always ask your babysitter to come a little early or schedule a date to get to know each other beforehand. That way you can already get used to each other.

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From little to big

Our Babysitting Angels can take care of both babies and older children. In their profiles you can check their experiences. Is having a driver’s licence a must for your babysitter? You can select on that. The babysitters can also cook for you (how great is that?) of pick up the kids from school. Does your eldest need to go to hockey practise? No problem, it is taken care off. It’s never been easier!

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Alright, you have found a babysitter. But one question remains: what about reliability? A good and just question. We interview all Babysitting Angles who register at Charly Cares, where we check their previous experiences and references. You can rate the babysitter yourself after every time, by means of a star rating and a review. This way we create optimal transparency!

Babysitter rates

Great, you have finally found a good babysitter, but uhm, what about the rates? We offer three types of subscription packages: one for when you need a babysitter once a month, one for when you need a Babysitting Angel every now and then, and one for when you are in need of a Babysitting Angel regularly. The rate of the Angels depends on for example their experience and whether you need them during the daytime or in the evening.

Bekijk nu de Ratings & Reviews van ouders

Mary from Amsterdam

“Fabulous angel! ”

Nicolette from Amsterdam

“super great with the kids! thanks so much!”

Lucy from Haarlem

“wonderful babysitter!”

Rochelle from Amsterdam

“Super lieve oppas voor onze Wendel van 9 maanden. Hij heeft al zijn eten goed opgegeten, heerlijk geslapen en ze hebben samen lekker gespeeld. ”

Thibault from Amsterdam

“Chaimae was great help. kids were super happy to spend time with her”

Jasmina from Amsterdam

“Easygoing, attentive, and very good with babies. Great job Priscilla. Hartelijk dank ”

Julia from Amsterdam

“Kaja was great with my 3.5 and 5 year old boys. She took them and they had a good time. She has a very friendly and warm personality. ”

Leo from Amsterdam

“Lorijn was great with our boys! They were very happy and tired after a fun afternoon in the park. Thank you! ”

Kimberley from Amsterdam

“thanks Chantelle!”

Kady from Amsterdam