Charly Cares teamMeet the faces behind the Babysitting App

Charlotte van der Straten

Charlotte van der Straten Founder

Charly, founder of Charly Cares, works daily with managing and extending the company. With her commercial skills she creates new chances and opportunities, but she also wants to interfere with the quality of the service.
Willemijn Pekelharing

Willemijn Pekelharing Manager Operations

Willemijn has taken care of more than hundred of children during her school and student time and is therefore a fish in the water at Charly Cares. As manager of the Team Operations, she ensures that every booking and screening proceeds smoothly.
Natasha Westendorp

Natasha Westendorp Sales & Marketing

Natasha started as an intern copywriting at Charly Cares, after her graduation she made her come back and is now responsible for all marketing activities within Charly Cares.
Xander Koenen

Xander Koenen Founder

Next to founder, Xander a the tower of strength on financial and technical level. Together with the team, he ensures that the developments are technically and financially feasible and implemented in perfection!
Diederik van der Hoek

Diederik van der Hoek Developer

Diederik is our “wizz kid” and is continuously working on the optimization and development of the Babysitting App. He has an important role within the fast growing app and with making features that meet the wishes of our users.
Lynn de Winter

Lynn de Winter Operations & Marketing

Lynn started as an intern and is from day one part of our marketing team and she helps Natascha where necessary. Whether it is for a mailing or partnership, she’s our all-in-one!
Lois Janssen

Lois Janssen Graphic Designer

Our "mini" has started as a trainee Graphic Design, has finished her internship for months now, but she is not planning on going anywhere anytime soon. With her creative talent, she makes a true artwork from every flyer or image.
Tessa de Wilde

Tessa de Wilde Content Creator

Tessa graduated as an interior architect, but she thought the step to Charly Cares was very logical;). Via The Talent Institute she has retrained as a Content Creator and makes every project bless to see!
Emily Jenner

Emily Jenner Content Creator

Emily graduated as a marketing pioneer, but missed designing graphic expressions in her work. That's why she started a traineeship through The Talent Institute to become Content Creator and she makes every e-mail fun to read!
Sophie van Roessel

Sophie van Roessel Sales & Operations

Sophie has changed her position as a lawyer on the Zuidas for an indispensable place in our team. Together with Natascha, she provides a warm welcome to new parents and informs & makes parents enthusiastic.
Nicky Hoes

Nicky Hoes Operations

With a nice background in childcare, Nicky is a great addition to our Team Operations. She ensures that parents get help with bookings and emergency cases are successfully taken care of.

Charlotte van der Straten

Charly Cares wants to offer every family a personally screened babysitter. Screening and monitoring of the babysitter is very important. For this reason, each Babysitting Angel is personally screened on one of our locations. Subsequently, every babysitter is assessed after every babysitting service by the parent by means of a rating, possibly supplemented by a review. Charly Cares monitors these assessments and will intervene where necessary. In this way we keep continuously control of our Babysitting Network and offer transparency to the parent.

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