Frequently asked questions

Answers to the most frequently asked questions. Or contact the Chat, send a WhatsApp message to +31202102323 or call us at +31(0)20 - 210 23 23.

The coronavirus

Het coronavirus

Which precautions does Charly Cares take against the coronavirus?

Check our special page with our general guidelines regarding the coronavirus. It goes without saying we closely follow the official reports from the RIVM and GGD.

Which precautions do I have to take to prevent the spread?

Check our special page with our general guidelines regarding the coronavirus. It goes without saying we closely follow the official reports from the RIVM and GGD.

When do I (as an Angel) have to call in sick?

Check our special page with our general guidelines regarding the coronavirus. It goes without saying we closely follow the official reports from the RIVM and GGD.

I (Angel) receive less booking requests than usual, do I receive any compensation?

We're really sorry you receive less booking requests than usual. This is because of the current situation with the coronavirus, on which we have no influence. Unfortunately we can’t offer compensation. However we are doing everything we can, together with your help, to fill the gaps in childcare. There may be fewer bookings at this time, but it can vary from day to day. So keep a close eye on our app!

My bookings are being cancelled, do I receive any compensation?

We're really sorry your bookings are being cancelled. This can always happen, but now especially due to the coronavirus. Parents no longer need a babysitter, or they, or the children have a cold for example. Unfortunately we can’t offer compensation.

Do you want to babysit and help out parents? Take a look at the Jobfinder regularly for available bookings.

Does a parent cancel a booking 3 hours before the start or shorter before the start? Then you are being compensated, as usual, and you will be paid 1 hour.

When babysitting, always keep our current policy and guidelines in mind.

Charly Cares

What is Charly Cares?

Charly Cares takes care of the entire process surrounding a babysitting service. We provide parents with a Babysitting App through which they can book a reliable and screened babysitter.

What is a Babysitting Angel?

Babysitting Angels are babysitters who are admitted to our platform after an extensive screening. We mostly work with students aged 16 years and older. They live in one of the cities where the app is active.

How does the matching system work?

Charly Cares has an advanced online system that matches parents with Babysitting Angels. This is based on the following criteria: zip code, availability, languages and specific babysitting experience. In addition, Charly Cares has added a number of innovative features to this matching system, so that a parent can book a babysitter with confidence.

Additional features:

Rating: The average rating after each babysitting service as given by the parent.

Review: A written review after each babysitting service as given by the parent.

Response rating: The average time it takes the Babysitting Angel to respond to a booking request.

Social linking: The babysitter is connected on Facebook or LinkedIn with one of the parent's social friends.

How can I be matched with Babysitting Angels based on language preference?

It is very convenient when an Angel speaks the same language as your kids! That is why we match your family with Angels who speak the languages that you ticked in your profile. Did you tick three languages? Then you will only be matched with Angels who speak the same three languages. Of course, you can also choose to tick only the one language that really is a must for you.

How do you get the ratings & reviews?

After each babysitting service, the Babysitting Angel receives a required rating from 1 to 5 stars. Parents also have the opportunity to write a review. All ratings and reviews are checked and will be visible in the profile of the Babysitting Angel. This feature helps parents find a reliable babysitter. View the profile of your favourite Angel and make your booking!

What happens to my given rating & review?

All incoming ratings and reviews are monitored daily. When a rating or written review is insufficient, our Support Team will contact the parent and the Angel within 24 hours. After our Support Team has spoken to the Babysitting Angel, the parent will be provided with feedback.

Does each babysitter visit your office?

Absolutely. We personally screen each Babysitting Angel at one of our screening locations before the babysitter gains access to the Babysitting App. During the screening the (educational) background and the babysitting experience of the Angel will be discussed. Babysitting experience is mandatory and the references that the Angel presents are carefully checked.

When do you grant babysitters access to your platform?

During the screening, the experience of the babysitter will be discussed. If he or she has sufficient experience, their references will be reviewed. If these are also sufficient, the babysitter can start as a Babysitting Angel on our Babysitting App.

What are the Angel insurance & doctor helpline?

Safety is incredibly important within our community, which is why a Charly Cares Babysitting Angel will have an Angel liability insurance and 24/7 access to a doctor helpline. Through these, the Angel is insured for liability damage sustained during the babysitting service & will have 24/7 access to medical advice from professionals.

Read more >

Is a Babysitting Angel insured for damage?

Damage sustained during a babysitting service is often not covered by a regular liability insurance (WA insurance). That is why the Angel liability insurance is a valuable addition both for parents and Angels. Through it, the Babysitting Angel is insured for damage sustained during a Charly Cares babysitting service and you can leave the house comfortably.

Read more about the Angel insurance >

What should I do if the Angel is liable for damage sustained during a babysitting service?

In that case, the Babysitting Angel is required to contact the Charly Cares Support Team. They will send the Angel an email granting her access to a digital claim form from insurer Aon. After the Angel has fully filled in the form and sent it, Aon will contact the Angel as soon as possible to settle the damage. The further settlement of the damage will go fully through insurer Aon.

More on the Angel liability insurance >

When can an Angel call the doctor helpline?

In case of emergency, the Angel will always call 112. But if, for example, your child has fallen and scraped their knee or suffered a tick bite, the doctor helpline will be available to the Angel 24/7. The babysitter will then receive medical advice from a professional.

More information on the 24/7 doctor helpline >

Wat are the costs of the insurance and doctor helpline?

Of course, we aim to keep the costs of the doctor helpline & Angel liability insurance as low as possible. The costs will be charged to the parent. Starting from September 1st, we will charge the following costs per babysitting service on behalf of insurer Aon:

  • 24/7 doctor helpline: €0,04 per hour
  • Angel liability insurance: €0,095 per hour

In which cities is Charly Cares available?

Charly Cares is currently active in Amsterdam, Amstelveen, Haarlem, Utrecht, The Hague, Rotterdam, Eindhoven, Leiden and several places in Het Gooi: Hilversum, Naarden, Bussum, Huizen, Blaricum, Laren and Eemnes. In these cities, parents can book a reliable babysitter from their neighbourhood through our Babysitting App.

The Babysitting App

Oh no, the app crashes and/or gives an error message!

First. Restart the app:

1. Press the home button twice and swipe the app away

2. Restart the app

It did not work! What to do?

1. Remove the app completely

2. Download the app again from the Apple Store / Google Play Store

No, still not working! Call us on +31(0)20 - 210 23 23 or send an email to We are here to help!

Why am I not receiving any emails or push notifications?

You can turn on the push notifications in the settings of your phone.


1.Go to your settings on your phone.

2.Go to notifications.

3.Search for the Charly Cares App.

4.Turn on notifications.


1.Go to your settings on your phone.

2.Go to apps.

3.Search for the Charly Cares App.

4.Go to notifications and switch the button on.

5.Not working for you? Empty your cache and delete the Charly Cares App. Download the app again.

Still having problems with receiving emails or still not getting any push notifications? Contact our Support Team on +31(0)20 - 210 23 23.


How do I book a Fixed Babysitting Angel?

Fixed Babysitting Angel: Go to book → enter your babysitting moment → repeat the booking for the number of weeks you need a fixed babysitter → search for available Angels → select 5 babysitting angels → write a personal message and send the request!

How do I book a Flexible Babysitting Angel?

Flexible Babysitting Angel (more than 48 hours in advance): Go to book → enter your babysitting moment → search for available Angels → select 3 babysitting angels → write a personal message and send the request!

How do I book a Last minute Babysitting Angel?

Last minute Babysitting Angel (less than 48 hours in advance): Go to book → enter your babysitting moment → search for available Angels → select 5 Babysitting Angels → write a personal message and send the request!

Can I book a Babysitting Angels for more than 12 consecutive weeks?

Unfortunately not, because we work mostly with students, who have a changing (school)schedule. They often cannot commit to a period longer than 12 weeks. Of course, you can book your Babysitting Angel again when she is still available after the initial 12 weeks.

Can I meet the Babysitting Angel beforehand?

Sure! Create a booking for the moment you need a babysitter. After an Angel has accepted the booking, you can agree to meet through the chat or you can call the Angel directly. If you would prefer to meet in person, you can make a short booking of two hours to get to know eachother.

How do you know for sure that the Babysitting Angel is reliable?

Trustworthiness is number one at Charly Cares. Before our Babysitting Angels get to work for us, they are extensively screened at one of our screening locations. During the interview, their background and babysitting experience is discussed. Babysitting experience is required, the Babysitting Angel has to provide two references.

Can I cancel a booking?

Yes, sure! Click on 'bookings', click on the booking and click on 'cancel booking'. Up to 24 hours in advance, cancelling is free of charge. When you cancel 24 hours to 3 hours in advance, a €3,50 cancellation fee will be charged. When you cancel less than 3 hours in advance, we will charge 1 hour day or night rate + €3,50 cancellation fee.

Can I have the babysitting service last longer or shorter than planned?

Yes, that is possible. Please make sure you always discuss this with the babysitter. You can adjust the beginning and end time when you stop te timer.

How do the counter offers in fixed bookings work?

When you send an invitation for a fixed booking to an Angel, she can accept or decline the booking. If she accepts de booking, she will commit to all days. Sometimes an Angel really loves to babysit, but she is unable to attend all bookings. In this case she can send you a counteroffer in which you will see the days she can come. You need to accept or decline this offer. This way, you will be sure of a number of bookings with the same person.

What is the Job Finder?

When your booking has been open for a little while, it will become visible for other babysit Angels in your area that have a match with your profile. They can offer them selves to the booking and you need to accept or decline their job offer. This applies to fixed bookings as well. You can see their profiles in the booking and see if there's a good match. If your Angels didn't respond to the invitation yet, the Job Finder can give you the certainty of a babysitter!


Which membership fits my babysitting needs best?

- Basic is the best option when you use the app less than 1x per month. The costs are €2,- per month + €7,50 per babysitting service + the Angel’s hourly rate.

- Flexible is the best option when you book once or more per month. The costs are €6,- per month + €3,- per babysitting service + the Angel’s hourly rate.

- Premium is the best option when you book 7 times or more per month. The costs are €25,- per month + the Angel’s hourly rate with no extra costs per babysitting service.

Can I switch memberships?

Yes, you can switch your membership any time. Go to --> profile --> membership --> change membership

How do I cancel my membership?

Aw! We hate to see you go, but you can cancel your membership at any time. Go to profile → cancel your membership. Here, you will also be able to see for how long your membership is still valid, so that you know for how long you can continue to use our Babysitting Service before your membership expires. Please leave your reasons for cancelling the membership and help us improve our Babysitting App.

Credit & gift codes

How do I receive babysitting credit if I have invited a friend for Charly Cares?

Navigate to the credit and gift codes in your account and invite your friends by sending them a personal link. Win-Win! Refer a friend and receive babysitting credit. If your friend uses your personal link, the babysitting credit will automatically added to your account.

Where can I enter a gift code?

Go to profile. Under credit and gift codes, you can enter your gift code.

How long is the gift code valid?

The expiration date of a gift code is different for each promotion and is mentioned in the relevant promotion. If the expiration date is not mentioned, then the gift code expires one year after the date it was issued. In addition, gift codes can only be used once.

What are the terms and conditions of the Babysitter Gift Card?

The Gift Card is only valid in the Netherlands for purchasing babysitting credit. The babysitting credit can be issued through the Charly Cares Babysitting App or for the (partial) payment of a Babysitting Angel, until the card’s credit has been used up and/or until 1 years after the date of issue of the card. The issue date is the date that the Gift Card has been sent by email or as part of the Gift Card package.

After the expiry date, the Gift Card can no longer be extended or used. Any unused balance cannot be claimed. The balance of the Gift Card will not be paid out and cannot be exchanged for money. The Gift Card is a bearer payment method.

Only the holder is in custody of the Gift Card. The Gift Card will not be replaced in the event of theft, loss, or damage. When purchasing/using the Gift Card, you fully agree to the terms and conditions which were made known to the customer with the purchase of the Gift Card and can also be viewed on

Can I have the Babysitter Gift Card sent to someone?

You can have the Gift Card sent to someone directly by post. So that your gift is immediately delivered to the right recipient. Make sure to enter a delivery address that's different from the billing address during the order process.

When will I receive the Babysitter Gift Card?

After ordering a digital Babysitter Gift Card, you’ll receive it immediately in your inbox. Have you chosen the real Babysitter Gift Card? In that case, you’ll receive it at home in four days.

What is the minimum order value of a Babysitter Gift Card?

The minimum orde value of a Babysitter Gift card is €10,-. The maximum value that can be put on the card is €500,-.

How long is the Babysitter Gift Card valid for?

The Gift Card is valid for 1 year after the date of issue. The date of issue is the date that the Babysitter Gift Card has been sent by either email or post. After the expiry date, the gift card can no longer be used or extended.

Does the balance of the Babysitter Gift Card have to be spent in one go?

Parents can use the Babysitter Gift Card multiple time. The total balance of the gift card does not have to be spent in one go. If there is any credit left after a booking, it will automatically remain on the Gift Card.


What are the costs of a babysitting service?

The costs of one booking depend on the hourly rate of the babysitter. The rate varies between €5 and €11 per hour. Depending on your membership, you will also pay the following costs per booking in addition to the hourly rate:

-Basic membership - €7,50 per booking

-Flexible membership - €3 per booking

-Premium membership - no booking costs

How do I pay the Babysitting Angel?

The payment is processed automatically through the app. When the Babysitting Angel arrives at your house, a timer will automatically start running. When you come home, you can stop the timer and the payment will be created and deducted from your account within a two working days. No more hassle with cash!

Okay! How does the timer work?

The babysitting duration is monitored by a timer. The timer starts automatically at the start time. When you return home you will be able to stop the timer. After the timer has been stopped, the payment will be processed automatically. Did you switch off the timer too late? No worries, you can change the start and end time afterwards.

I have stopped the timer, but the times are incorrect. What now?

No worries! Contact the Support Team directly by calling +31(0)20 - 210 23 23 within 12 hours, they can adjust the times of the timer afterwards.

Can I receive childcare allowance for your service?

No, unfortunately it is not possible to receive back childcare taxes if you are using our services.

Join the Angel Club!

How old do you have to be to babysit through Charly Cares?

Are you 16 years or older? Congrats! You are welcome to schedule an appointment at one of our interview locations. Not yet 16 years? Stay tuned...

Sign up

Do you already need babysitting experience to become an Angel?

Yes, we require 2 years of experience working with children. Charly Cares will ask you to provide us 2 references of families you have worked before.

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What will the interview look like?

During the interview, we will talk about your background, personality, what type of babysitter you are and, of course, your babysitting experience. You will also get more information regarding the app and we will take a great picture of you for you Angel Profile. The interview lasts a maximum of 30 minutes. See you soon!

More about the interview

What should I bring to the interview?

Good question! We would like to ask you to bring a valid ID (ID card, passport or driver's license), your bank card and reference details. Please bring contact details of families you have previously worked before. Charly's tip: take your agenda with you so that you can fill in your Angel calendar with the Angel recruiter.

Do you not yet have a liability insurance or are you not sure if you do? Check this before you plan your interview. We find it very important for you to have a liability insurance, because this ensures that you can babysit at a family's home. Do you have a First Aid certificate? Please bring it to the interview or take a picture of it.

I have had the interview. What’s next?

What's next? Do you meet our requirements to become a Babysitting Angel and are your references details approved? YES, then you have just become a member of our Angels Club. After your references have been approved you will get access to your Angel account. You can start filling out your Angel Profile from this moment on. Start by completing a personal description, update your preferences, add a personal video message and update your calendar. After you have completed these steps, you are ready for your first bookingrequest.

Hourly rates & earnings

How much will I earn as a Babysitting Angel?

During the interview, we will set your day and night rates, based on your age and experience. The rate varies from €5,- to €11,- per hour. After the interview, you be able to see your hourly rate in your profile in the app. Parents can also give you a tip through the app. Let's make some money!

Can I increase my hourly rate?

Yes, you can. Go to 'Profile' → click on 'Dashboard' → scroll down to your Angel Scores. Here you can increase your hourly rate after you have achieved a number of scores. Let's make some money!

Will anything be deducted from my hourly rate?

Yes, but no worries! Charly Cares takes just 3% on your hourly rate. Example: If you have earned € 30,- Charly Cares will collect an amount of € 0.90 from the total amount. With the little amount per booking Charly Cares ensures that you can babysit at the best families in your neighborhood, using the Babysitting App and the accessibility of our Support Team who you can contact 7 days a week.

Do I work as a salaried employee?

As a Babysitter Angel you do not work at Charly Cares. This is because babysitting falls under the “Regeling dienstverlening aan huis”-regulation and there is therefore no employment contract. That is why Charly Cares does not provide you with pay slips and annual statements.

Should I report my babysitting earnings on my tax return?

Yes! You do not work as an employee at Charly Cares, but you do earn money. For your babysitting services, different rules apply when making a tax return. This is because babysitting falls under the “Regeling dienstverlening aan huis”-regulation'. Enter your Angel income in the category ''income from other work''.

Where can I find my total earned money from the past year?

Go to 'Payments'. Here, you can click on the year over which you would like to see your total earnings.


What about my availability?

No, you decide when you want to work and how many days or evenings you are available. However, it is important to keep your agenda up-to-date so that you do not receive booking requests when you are unavailable. You can also block your agenda for a longer period dure to holidays or emax periods.

Ik zie Angel scores staan in mijn profiel. Wat houdt dit in?

Earn more money by improving your Angel scores. As an Angel, you will have four different Angels scores with which you can increase your hourly rate:

  • Response score (Always respond to your bookings to get a response score of 100%. This percentage is based on your reaction to the last 10 requests.)
  • Reviews (Earn €0.25 extra on top of your hourly rate when you have reached 10 written reviews).
  • Angel video (Add a personal video to your profile and earn €0.25 extra on top of your hourly rate.)
  • Completed bookings (The more bookings you complete, the higher your score. You can increase your hourly rate by €0.25 twice, when you have completed either 5 or 30 bookings.)

    Keep up the good work!

Where can I find my Angel scores?

Your Angel scores can be found under your profile in the app. Go to Profile → click 'Dashboard' and scroll down. Here, you will find an overview of your Angel scores and the progress thereof.

Do families live in my neighbourhood?

The app matches you and families based on your zip code. This way you will receive requests in your area and you will be mostly babysitting in your own neighbourhood.

How do parents pay me after each babysitting service?

A timer starts automatically when the booking starts. Parents will stop the timer when they come back home. After the timer is stopped, the payment is automatically initiated and you will be paid within 4 working days.

How can I contact a parent?

You can easily contact the parent through the app. Go to 'Families' → here, you will find all your babysitting families and you can choose if you want to call the parent or send a message.

Where can I find the families where I have been a babysitter before?

Families where you have been a babysitter before can be viewed in one overview. You can find it in the app under 'Families'. This overview will make it even easier for you to contact the parent.

A parent is calling me. How is this possible?

For parents too it is now possible to call an Angel through the app. It is therefore possible that a parent calls you from an unknown number.

How do I switch my Angel Profile to Dutch or English?

Go to ‘Profile’ → pick ‘nl’ or ‘en’ in the top right corner. You can now use the app in Dutch or English.

Can I respond to requests outside of the Charly Cares App?

It's no problem if the parents approach you by telephone or through the chat, but make sure they always book you through the app. Charly Cares makes it super easy for you to have a fun babysitting job. This is why we ask you as a Babysitting Angel to remain loyal to us. Never babysit as a Babysitting Angel for Charly Cares families outside of the app. When we see a clear indication that you are, you will be removed from our platform and get fined €500,-. Have any questions regarding this? Our Support Team is always there for you!

Do you really want to stop being a Babysitting Angel?

That’s too bad! Contact our Support Team (020 - 210 23 23) and they will help you out.

Why is the Angel insurance so important?

Insurance companies are increasingly seeing babysitting as working. For your own liability insurance, this means you will often have no or limited coverage in case of damage. The Angel liability insurance offers you coverage during a babysitting service, through which you’ll be insured for high unforeseen costs in case of damage. So you can babysit without worrying.

What should I do in case of damage sustained during the babysitting service?

Are you liable for damage that has been sustained during a Charly Cares babysitting service? Follow the steps below:

  1. Report the damage by calling the Charly Cares Support Team (020 210 23 23).
  2. The Support Team will then send an email that grants you access to a digital claim form from insurer AON.
  3. Fill the form in fully.
  4. After receipt, AON will contact you as soon as possible to settle the damage.

Note: Are you babysitting, but not booked through Charly Cares? In that case you are not insured. Make sure you are always booked! More information on the Angel liability insurance >

When can I call the doctor helpline?

You can call the helpline through the red button in the App's timer. During a Charly Cares babysitting service, you can call 24/7 for medical questions and/or assistance. Think of a scrape, a bead stuck in the child's nose, a sprained ankle or a tick bite. The staff are medical professionals and trained to set your mind at ease, to help or to refer you to specialised care in almost all cases. Do you need emergency aid? Always call 112!

More information on the doctor helpline >

What happens when I call the doctor helpline?

Have you found yourself in a situation where you want to use the doctor helpline?

  1. Open the Babysitting App → here, you’ll find the timer for your babysitting service
  2. Click the button ‘doctor helpline’ and you’ll immediately be put through to the helpline.
  3. You’ll get a medical professional who you can to ask for medical advice.
  4. The helpline is available 24/7 to help you with all your questions.

Do you need emergency aid? Always call 112!

More information on the doctor helpline >


When will I receive a booking request?

When parents are looking for a Babysitting Angel they will make a booking through the app. The moment they make a booking, they get a search result. This search result is based on age, hourly rate and any additional filters. When your calendar is not blocked on the days that a parent makes a booking, you can receive a booking request.

How many hours in advance can I receive a booking request?

Parents can make a booking up to 3 hours in advance and select you as babysitting Angel if you are available for that moment. Not available for last-minute request? Use the ''inactive'' option. Make sure that your agenda is up to date for all other moments.

How do I accept a booking?

As soon as you receive a booking request, you can find it in the app under 'Bookings'. You can respond to the booking request by going to 'Bookings' → click the booking request that is still pending and accept or decline the booking.

How fast should I respond to a booking?

Always responds whitin 12 hours on a bookingrequest. Accept a bookingrequest if you are available and decline a booking if you are not available. We kindly ask you to always responds on a booking request. Parents want to know if they can count on you, if not they will make a new search finding another babysitter. Responding to a booking request you will increase your reaction score and you will receive bonus points.

What happens if I do not respond to a booking request within 12 hours?

If you do not respond to a booking request within 12 hours, your profile will be set On Hold. This means that you will not receive booking requests for the next 24 hours. Also, you do not have access to the Jobfinder function in the app.

I am not sure about my availability yet. What to do?

If you are not sure if you are available on the requested day, you can decline a booking request. It is important that you state in your agenda when you are not available so that you do not receive booking requests on days that you are not available. This ensures that you do not have to reject a booking request. Good to know: you can always deactivate your profile for 1 day, 1 week or 1 month.

Can I find booking requests myself?

Yes! In the app you will find the function 'Jobfinder'. This function shows a maximum of 5 pending bookings in your area. Please note that we only matches based on hourly rate and distance. Note: please check you agenda and the family profile first before offering yourself to a booking.

Can I cancel a booking once I have accepted?

Canceling an accepted booking is only possible in exceptional cases if, for example, you are ill or due to special circumstances. Do you want to cancel a booking? Do not give the parents babysitting stress, but let us solve this with you and the parent. Please call our office at 020-2102323 as soon as possible before you approach the parent.

How do fixed booking requests work?

Do you want to babysit on a fixed basis? Great! Indicate so in your calendar and preferences. To update your calendar, go to 'Calendar' → click 'Update calendar' → click 'Fixed babysitting service(s)' and indicate when you would be available to be a fixed babysitter. To update your preferences, go to 'Profile' → click 'Preferences' and edit your preferences.

I have just received a fixed booking request for which I cannot do all the dates. What to do?!

Good news: for a fixed booking request, in the new app you can now send the parent a counter offer. You indicate which moments you can babysit & await the parent's approval. You can do so by having a look at the booking request and indicating through check marks which babysitting services you can and cannot babysit.

Is it obligatory for parents to rate me?

Yes! After each babysitting service, the parent will give you a rating of 1 to 5 stars. Ultimately, there will be an average rating in your profile. A written review is optional, but feel free to ask the parent if they are willing to write a review at the end of your babysitting service. This is a definite boost to your Angel Profile and convinces other parents that you are the best Babysitting Angel! Don't agree with a given rating? Feel free to let us know, because our Support Team is always there for you!

What do I do when I receive a request outside of Charly Cares?

It is not permitted to babysit outside of Charly Cares. If you do receive a request outside of the app, let the parent know that he/she is responsible for booking you through the app. Having trouble making a booking or can we help you with something else? Our Support Team is always here for you! Make sure you never babysit as a Babysitting Angel for Charly Cares families outside of the app. If we notice that you do, you will be removed from our platform and be fined €500,-. This would make nobody happy, so please call us if you have any questions.


Why is filling in my calendar so important?

When you keep your calendar up to date, you only receive booking requests when you are available to babysit. If you keep your agenda up to date you will not receive any booking requests if you are not available.

How do I fill out my calendar?

Piece of cake! Go to 'Calendar', click on the days you are not available and enter the times. That way, you'll only be booked for moments you are actually available. Want to receive fixed requests? Go to 'Profile' → 'Settings' and fill out your preferences under 'Fixed Babysitting'.

Check how to fill out your Angel Calendar in our instructional video.


Fill out your fixed study schedule at least 3 months in advance. The same goes for weekly sports practices, holidays, and exam periods.

Update your calendar each week to add, for example, last minute weekend plans.

Can I block my calendar for a longer period?

For sure! At Charly Cares, you only work when you can and want to! Go to 'Calendar' → 'My status'. Here, you can put yourself on 'do not disturb'. Choose the start and end date and voila! You are now unavailable for parents for this period and will no longer receive any requests.

It is also possible to block multiple days simultaneously. In the calendar, select the days you wish to block. Then, put yourself on 'unavailable'. That way, you won't receive any requests for those specific days, but you will receive request for the other days when you are available.

How to I change an unavailable moment to an available moment?

Click on the relevant day → click on 'Edit 1 day'. Then, click in 'Yes, available' and families will be able to book you again for that particular day.

Where can I indicate my babysitting preferences?

Your preferences are important so that you only receive booking requests that suit your needs. Go to 'Profile' → click 'Babysitting preferences' → change your preference as you wish.

How does ‘Fixed Babysitting’ work?

Indicate in your profile under 'Babysitting preferences' for which days you are available for fixed babysitting services. This will then be automatically added to your calendar. You'll also appear higher in the search results for parents and will be booked even quicker for fixed requests.

I read something about being standby. What exactly does that mean?

When you activate the standby option, it means you definitely can and want to babysit. Don't have any plans for the weekend? Put yourself on standby, so you'll get booked even quicker. You'll appear higher in the parents' search results, meaning you'll get booked much more quickly. Change of plans? Unselect standby. Keep in mind that while you are on standby, you are not supposed to decline a received request.

When can I put myself on standby?

You can always sign up to be a Standby Angel. During the weekends, there are often moments you can receive last minute requests, but even throughout the week, parents are often looking for a last minute Babysitting Angel. So don't have any plans and want to babysit? Put yourself on standby and earn some extra money!

I would like to babysit last-minute. How do I put myself on standby?

Our guardian angel! Go to 'Calendar' → 'My status' → click 'Standby'. Here, select when you want to be put on standby.

Can I babysit fixed moments each week?

Sure! It's important you indicate this in your profile, so that we can match you with a family for a fixed babysitting moment. How? Go to 'Profile' → 'Babysitting preferences' → 'Fixed babysitting' → indicate here for when you want to receive fixed requests.

I temporarily don't want to receive any booking requests, is that possible?

Yes, to do so, change your status to 'do not disturb'. You can also indicate until when you do not want to be disturbed. Super convenient for when you, for example, have a full day of lectures, or are on holiday, or you're simply too busy to babysit!

How? Go to 'Calendar' → 'My status' → choose 'do not disturb' and fill in until when you don't want to be disturbed.

Indicate your babysitting preferences in the app so that we can match you even better!

Under babysitting preferences in your profile, you can indicate what kind of requests you'd like to receive. Fill out the following:

  • How long bookings can last
  • At what times you'd like to babysit
  • How far in advance you'd like to receive bookings
  • How many children can be there
  • How long the travel time to the family can be.

This way, you'll only receive requests that fit you!


Where can I see how much I have earned?

Click on 'Payments' and you will find a payment overview. A total earned amount is stated in your payment overview and your earned money per booking.

When will I get paid?

You will get paid after the babysit service within 4 working days.

Do I receive a payslip from Charly Cares?

With Charly Cares, you work under the “dienstverlening aan huis” regulation, meaning you are not our employee. You will therefore not receive a payslip from us, but you can find all your babysitting earnings in the app.

Can I babysit outside of Charly Cares?

No, we ask you as an Angel to be loyal to us, which is why babysitting for Charly Cares families outside of the app is not allowed. Charly Cares ensures that you as a Babysitting Angel have the best babysitting job! We do this by matching you with the best babysitting families and ensuring that our Support is always there for you. Our Babysitting App makes babysitting super easy and we ensure it remains available for free for all our Babysitting Angels.

Earn extra!

Can I invite a friend to babysit for Charly Cares?

Yes, we would love to! With the referral, you can invite friends to babysit through Charly Cares too. After their first babysitting job as a Babysitting Angel, you will receive babysitting credit. The babysitting credit will be paid out with your next babysitting job. Yay!

How does it work if I want to invite a friend?

Open your App and go to 'Profile' → Click on 'Invite friends' → Share your personal link with your friend through one of the buttons. When your friend signs up through your personal link, you will receive €7,50 after his/her first babysitting service. Great, right?! This nice little extra will be paid after your next babysitting service. Yay!