Frequently asked questions

Answers to the most frequently asked questions. Or contact the Chat, send a WhatsApp message to +31 (0)6 40 59 22 93 or call us at +31(0)20 - 210 23 23.

Charly Cares

Information about Charly Cares.

What is Charly Cares?

Charly Cares takes care of the entire process surrounding a babysitting service. We provide parents a Babysitting App to book a reliable and screened babysitter with.

In which cities does Charly Cares operates?

Charly Cares operates in Amsterdam/Amstelveen, Haarlem, The Hague and Utrecht. We are working hard to launch our services in other cities in the Netherlands. Mail us your email and city via, so we can inform you when we launch in your (nearby) city.

Who are the 'Babysitting Angels'?

That is how we name our babysitters. The Babysitting Angels are students or recent graduates and they live in one of the cities where we operate. They are personally screened, well educated, social with children, reliable and flexible.


Why do I need to add a photo and family description?

1. Our Angels are looking forward to see the family where they have to babysit. A nice family description helps them to get an impression of the family.

2. From experience we have learned that a complete profile is accepted much faster by Angels!

How does the online matching work?

Our advanced Babysitting App matches parents with babysitters in their neighborhood. The matching is based on criteria such as postal code, availability, languages and specific experience with babies. In addition, Charly Cares has a number of innovative applications built in the matching system, that way our parents can book a suitable babysitter.

Additional applications

  • Rating: the average score given by the parent after each babysitting service
  • Review: a written review by the parent after each babysitting service
  • Response Rating: a babysitter’s average speed of responding to a booking request
  • Social Linking: shows that the babysitter has already babysat at one of your Facebook or LinkedIn connections.

How can I register as a parent?

To use our Babysitting App you must create an account. Register with your email address and password. After registration, fill in your personal profile as detailed as possible. Fill in the name(s) and address(es) of the (both) parent(s), information about the family composition and additional information related to your family.

What will happen in case of any damages?

The Babysitting Angels and families must be insured for damage resulting from the babysitting service. The Angels are obliged to have a liability insurance for individuals (private). In case of damage, please contact our Customer Service within 24 hours on (020) 210 2323.

How do I rate a babysitter after a babysitting service?

The Charly Cares Babysitting App is all about ratings and reviews. With good ratings and reviews the Angels will receive more booking requests. This way we can link you with the best babysitter(s). That is why we appreciate your honest feedback after every babysitting service.

What will happen when I am not satisfied with the booked babysitter?

Always give the babysitter an honest review after each babysitting service. When the review is negative, we will immediately contact the family and the concerned babysitter. If we are questioning/doubting the functioning of the Angel, we will remove them from the platform.

The app

Solutions to problems with the App (iOS & Android)

What will happen in case of any damages?

The Babysitting Angels and families must be insured for damage resulting from the babysitting service. The Angels are obliged to have a liability insurance for individuals (private). In case of damage, please contact our Customer Service within 24 hours on (020) 210 2323.

How can I log in to my profile?

Go to our website and you will see in the top right corner the button ‘Login’. Click on the button and select ‘I am a babysitter’ or ‘I am a parent’. Enter your email address and password. If you have any problems with logging in, please contact us via or (020) 210 23 23.

The app crashes and/or it shows an error, now what?

Try to restart our Babysitting App:
1. Press 2 times on the home button and swipe the Charly Cares app away.
2. Then restart the app again.

If the restart does not work:
1. Remove the app completely.
2. Download the app again from the App Store / Google Play store.

If this also fails, please contact Charly Cares

My web application does not run or gets stuck

The web application is the platform for desk-/laptop.
1. Check the internet connection!

2. Try to refresh the page/refresh:
In most browsers next to the URL ( there is a revolving dart. Press this icon and the page will be updated/refreshed.

3. When refreshing/reloading fails:
1. Shut down the web application by pressing the button ‘log out’.
2. Re-open it in the web application and log in again.

If this also fails, contact Charly Cares

I only see a white screen on the app

When the app does not react, try these three steps:

Step 1. No internet or slow internet:
a. Close the app and then restart it.
b. Wait at least 90 seconds to test whether the cause is slow internet.
c. When it all fails -> go to Step 2 or Step 3.

Step 2. Try to start the app again:
a. Press 2 times on the home button and swipe the Charly Cares app away.
b. Then restart the app again.

Step 3. If the restart does not work:
a. Remove the app completely
b. Download the app again from the App Store / Google Play Store

If this also fails, contact Charly Cares via

I do not receive emails anymore

Check if your email address is written correctly or that you receive our emails in your ‘junk/spam mailbox’. In all cases we recommend that you contact us via


Information about the booking requests, cancellation and how to make or change a booking

How do I make a booking?

  1. Log onto your personal page and go to ‘Book an Angel’Select the date and time when you need a babysitter. 
  2. The system will show you a selection of available Babysitting Angels. 
  3. This selection is based on availability, social matching, best rate, rate.Select up to 3 babysitters (5 for a last minute booking) Send your request to them when you are finished.  
  4. The system will send a booking request to the selected Angels and you will be notified instantly when the booking request is accepted by one of them

Can I book a babysitter on short term?

Absolutely! You can book a Babysitter Angel up to 3 hours beforehand. Keep in mind that with last minute requests your favorite babysitter may not be available. Charly Cares will reserve our Standby Angels on the weekends or with busy events, so it will offer parents more security.

Can I select more babysitters at once?

We advice you in cases of last minute requests to select a maximum of 5 Angels. The first Angel to accept your request, will have the booking. You will receive a confirmation via email.


How does the timer work?

  1. Stop the timer by logging into the app
  2. Check the begin- and endtime. It is possible to change the date and time, please do this in consultation with the Angel and make sure the total amount is correct.
  3. Give the Angel a rating (1 being unsatifactory and 5 being excellent). Click on  ‘Agree and pay’.
  4. The Angel will be paid immediately.

How do I book my favorite babysitter?

when you want to book a babysitter, the system will check the availability of your favorite Babysitter Angel first.

Why do I have to add a description to my booking?

1. Our Angels love to know more about the Babysitting Service.

2. Bookings with a description will be accepted faster and more often.

Can I make a booking without using the Babysitting App?

It's important that we receive a rating and review after every babysitting service, this only when bookings are made through the Charly Cares App. It's not a problem when you approach Babysitting Angels via WhatsApp, but make sure the bookings are always through the app.

When we notice that a babysitter of Charly Cares babysits without seeing the bookings in our system, the babysitter will no longer be able to babysit via Charly Cares and will receive a fine of €500,-.

Change booking

Information about changing or cancelling bookings and how to view your (upcoming) bookings

How can I cancel a booking as a parent and what are the cancellation costs?

As a parent you can cancel a booking the following way:  go to ‘my bookings’ and click on the booking that you want to cancel.

Then click on the button ‘cancel booking’ and the booking will be cancelled. The Babysitter Angel will automatically be notified about the cancellation.

The cancellation costs are: 

  • Until 24 hours before the start of the babysitter service  >  free of charge
  • 24 hours to 3 hours before the start of the babysitter service  >  only cancellation fee of € 3,50 
  • 3 hour before the start of the babysitter service  >  1 uur * + cancellation fee of € 3,50**

Can I cancel a booking as an Angel?

You can only cancel a booking in exceptional cases,  like illness or another serious event.

Do not contact the parent first, but please contact Charly Cares on tel. 020 210 23 23 so that we can arrange a replacement. Charly Cares will cancel the booking for you and notify the parent.

In addition, inform the parent that you can not babysit through the Chat. Do this after you have contacted Charly Cares.

Can I change/adjust a booking?

This can be done in two ways:

  • Small changes:

Through the chatfunction you can ask the Angel if they can start earlier or later.

  • Complete changes:

Cancel the booking and then make a new booking.

What if the babysitter service takes longer or shorter than planned?

The minimum number of hours for a booking is 3 hours. The booked babysitter service is an indication of the time for the babysitter. The babysitter timer / time notification starts automatically from the (earlier) posted starting time. The babysitting service is terminated from the moment the parent turns off the babysitter timer. The babysit service may start earlier or later in practice, the start/end time can be changed at the end of the babysit service.

NOTE FOR THE PARENTS: If you already know from the beginning of the babysit service that it is going to last longer or shorter than expected, discuss this in advance and in consultation with the booked Angel.

Moreover, it is possible that the Angel is already booked for another booking or has a private appointment on that day, so they cannot stay longer. Make sure you take the time to give instructions to the Angel before the service starts.


Costs per babysitting service & cancellation, payment information and other costs

How much does Charly Cares cost?

For more information about the costs and fees, click here.

How much does a babysitting services cost?

The cost depends on the hourly rate of the Babysitting Angel. Differing day or evening. The babysitters decides their own rate between € 5,- and € 11,- per hour excl. possibly fee of Charly Cares 

Are the hourly rates of the Angels increased during holidays?

During holidays or busy days where many parents book a Babysitter Angel, the hourly rates of the Angels can change. 

How do I pay the sitter?

The babysitter service ends only by exactly completing the following steps:

Step 1 The babysitter service will be completed in consultation/agreement with/of the babysitter upon returning home.

Step 2 Stop the babysitter timer by logging onto the app. Press the ‘STOP TIMER’ button (this can be done on a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop).

Step 3 The start- and/or end time can be changed in mutual agreement with the babysitter, for instance when the babysitter service started later or earlier.

Step 4 Evaluate the Babysitting Angel on the basis of reasonableness and fairness. The evaluation is objective and based on demonstrable facts → The user can evaluate the babysitter with 0 to 5 stars (babysitter service: 0 = unsatisfactory, 5 = excellent). It is also possible to write a review about the Babysitting Angel. Your rating and review can help other parents in their choices!

Step 5 Click on the ‘Agree and pay’ button to pay the Angel. The payment will automatically be put in motion.

NOTE: the total amount does not include transaction costs. The amount of the transaction is dependent on the “Membership” that you have selected.

Which payment options do you offer?

At this moment you can pay directly debit via iDEAL, Mastercard and SEPA. The payment goes through Adyen, our payment service provider. Adyen makes it possible for you to pay online after every babysitter service.

Is VAT included in the price?

Under the use of the Settlement services at Home the customers as well as the helpers need to be private. The babysitter does not pay VAT on the babysitter services, which falls under the Settlement. In this case the parents do not pay any VAT on the babysitter service as well.

When does the day and / or night rate starts?

The day rate starts at 07:00 AM and ends at 07:00 PM. The night rate starts at 07:00 PM and ends the next morning at 7:00 AM.

What are the cancellation fees of a babysitter service?

  • Until 24 hours before the start of the babysitter service  >  free of charge
  • 24 hours to 3 hours before the start of the babysitter service  >  only cancellation fee of € 3,50
  • 3 hour before the start of the babysitter service  >  1 uur * + cancellation fee of € 3,50**

Membership & Promotions

Information about your membership, discounts, credits and how to refer a friend to Charly Cares.

How can I terminate my membership?

Log into your account > go to payments > your membership > click on change membership > edit and select here ‘cancel membership’. Please keep in mind that Charly Cares applies a cancellation period.

Does Charly Cares apply a cancellation period?

The membership is monthly terminable. Charly Cares does apply a cancellation period of one month. You can also change your membership to single booking or completely terminate your membership.

How can I get babysitting credits when I referred a friend to Charly Cares?

When you invite people via Charly Cares you and the people you invite, can earn babysitting credits to use for a booking. 

Invite friends on Charly Cares 

To earn babysitting credits you can go to your dashboard in your account. Via the refer a friend you can send a link to your friends. When friends click on the link, they will receive the babysitting credits automatically on their first booking via Charly Cares. The credits will automatically showed on their membership page of a possible booking. 

When your friend complete his or her first booking, you will get babysitting credits for your own bookings via Charly Cares. You can earn €2000,- babysitting credits in total.

Read more in user agreement.

Use your babysitting credits 

Your available babysitting credits will be appear automatically in your membership page. When your babysitting credits doesn't added automatically to a booking, it means that you can't use this babysitting credits on this booking. Or it will mean that your friend hasn't book or completed the booking yet. 

Babysitting credits can't be used with bookings that are already paid. But they are available and will be added with your next booking. Babysitting credits will expire after a year (starts at when the babysitter credits are given) or when there is another date noted. The credits can only be used once, also when you cancel a booking where you added the credits. 

Where do I enter my discount code?

When you sign yourself up you can enter the code under the section ‘discount code’. When you do this correctly, you will see the code appearing and it will be immediately active.

When will the credit apply?

After you entered your personal code, the credit will be apply by the following babysitting service.

What is the difference between a discount code and credits?

Discount code is applicable to your membership. You can either get a discount on your membership or single booking.

Credits are applicable to the babysitting service. A credit lessen the total amount at the end of the babysitting service.

Fixed babysitter

All your questions about fixed babysitters via Charly Cares.

How can I book a fixed babysitter with the Babysitting App?

1. Choose your desired time block and the number of repetitions (for example, the next 4 mondays from 15:00 - 18:00).

2. Select 3 to a maximum of 5 Babysitting Angels and send your request to them.

3. The Angel who accepts the request first gets the booking.

Can I meet the babysitter beforehand?

As a parent you make a selection of five Angels that you think they fit with your family. You can do this based on the profile and rating or review of the Babysitting Angel. 

Shortly after you can contact the Angel who has accepted your booking as soon as possible via chat. We advise to make a (short) booking for introduction and a briefing. Additionally, it would be a good idea to meet the new babysitter, so your kid(s) get used to the babysitter.

What should I do in case of illness or a last-minute cancellation?

As an Angel, you can only cancel a booking with high exceptions such as illness or family circumstances. This must take place at least 24 hours before the babysitting service begins, as follows:

The Angel does not contact the parents and expires the cancellation process via Charly Cares.
De Angel calls +31 (0)20 210 23 23 to cancel the booking. The booking has only been canceled after confirmation from one of our employees.
Charly Cares contacts the parents and, if necessary, arranges a (Last-minute) Babysitting Angel.

What if a babysitter has given commitment to 8 repetitions, but is not able to come anymore?

The babysitter agreement is concluded between the parent and the babysitter. If this agreement is terminated by the babysitter, Charly Cares may decide to remove the babysitter from the platform, as indicated in the standarts of conduct

Charly Cares helps parents with finding a solution and they will together assess the behaviour of the Babysitting Angel. The parents give the Babysitting Angel in particular a rating and review

Can I negotiate the Angel's hourly rate for repeated bookings?

Charly Cares discourages parents from negotiating the hourly rate of the babysitter. If you think the hourly rate of the babysitter is too high, you can choose to find another babysitter with a lower hourly rate.

Can I cancel or change a fixed booking?

If the request is accepted, the bookings will be shown in "My Bookings" by timeframe.

Cancel: Would you like to cancel one booking? Then you can click 'My Bookings' in 'Cancel Bookings.' Read more about the cancellation fee.

Change: Use the chat function with the Angel in particular to change the start time or end time of one booking. In the Babysitting Timer you can change the start time and end time after the babysitting service. It's important to discuss this with the Babysitting Angel!

Can I get a childcare allowance for a fixed babysitter via Charly Cares?


Under the Settlement house services, both customers and helpers must be private. The babysitter does not pay VAT for the babysitter service, which is covered by the Settlement house services. In this case, the parent does not pay VAT for the babysitting service.

Babysitting Angels

Sign up and read more about babysitting jobs through Charly Cares.

What steps do I have to go through before I can babysit?

Register via our website We will contact you as soon as possible for an interview at one of our offices.

During this interview, we want to get to know you better and we will try to make your babysitting experience as transparent as possible. We do this by of asking questions and a small practical test. Afterwards we would like to provide insights into the process of Charly Cares and also explain the use of the app.

If both parties are positive, your profile will be activated and you will officially be appointed Babysitting Angel.

Your profile is now online and gives parents the opportunity to book you as soon as possible as their favorite Babysitting Angel.

How can I receive as many booking requests as possible?

  • Charly Cares would like to help you to babysit at moments that you have time and would like to babysit. Because of that reason we like to give some tips to receive as many requests as possible:

    Keep up with your agenda.
    Respond quickly on every booking request, even when you are not available.
    Choose a profitable but competitive hourly rate.
    Makes a convincing impression after each babysitter service and get the best ratings/reviews.

How much can I earn per hour at Charly Cares?

During the screening interview, we will advise you in determining your day and evening hourly rate between € 6, - and € 11, - per hour. We look at criteria such as your babysitting experience, age, and in some cases education/degree. You can adjust the basic hourly rate yourself. For example if you want to work more in a certain period, a lower hourly rate may ensure that you receive more booking requests.

The base rate is between € 6, - and € 11, - per hour.
Set your own daytime and evening rate.
Charly Cares receives no margin on the hourly rate.

Can I accept bookings outside the Charly Cares App

Charly Cares provides nice families from your own neighbourhood and they can easily pay you - therefore we expect commitment from your side as Babysitting Angel. Besides it is very important that we receive a rating and review after every babysitting service, this is only possible when you babysit via the Charly Cares App. It's absolutely no problem when our parents approach you via WhatsApp, but make sure they always book you via the Charly Cares App. 

When we notice you are babysitting at Charly Cares families without bookings via the system, you will no longer be able to babysit via Charly Cares and you will receive a fine of €500,-.

How do we prevent this? 
1. Attend the parent about the fact that he/she is responsible for making the booking. 
2. When a parent is unexpectedly unable to add the booking, please call +31 (0)20 2102323 and we will place the booking in the system. 

Wat is acceptatieratio & responsratio?


Hoe meer boekingsaanvragen je accepteert, hoe hoger jouw acceptatieratio is. Als een boeking al vergeven is, omdat een andere Angel sneller was dan jij, telt deze boeking niet mee als een afgewezen boeking.

Wat is responsratio:

Voor een hoog responsratio, is het belangrijk om snel reageren op boekingen, ongeacht of je accepteert of afwijst. Zorg ervoor dat je Push notificaties aanstaan en houdt je agenda goed bij. 

Heb je bijvoorbeeld college of een belangrijke meeting, waardoor je even niet kunt reageren? Zet jezelf op onzichtbaar via de onzichtbaarheidsfunctie, dit heeft geen invloed op je responstijd. 

Moet ik mijn oppasverdiensten opgeven aan de belastingdienst?

Ja, je moet wel je oppasverdiensten over het hele jaar opgeven aan de belastingdienst, via "opbrengsten uit overig werk." Via deze link vind je meer informatie.