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Discover the art of effectively communicating with children:

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At Charly Cares, we understand very well how parenthood can be an exciting adventure full of challenges. The typical dinnertime struggle, the cleaning of rooms or tucking the kids in can all be very exhausting. A little bit of extra help is often more then welcome in that case. But where to begin? We have the answer!

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Come get these giveaways!

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Charly Cares gives: for all new members, there will be a well filled goodiebag waiting! They also have a shot at the most fun promotions from brands such as Koeka, Mr. Starsky & Pockies. The best giveaways for all moms but of course mostly for the kids!

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7 reasons why you cannot miss the Negenmaandenbeurs

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From 21 until 25 February, the Negenmaandenbeurs will be here again! Charly Cares will be there – with an excusive stand – to meet all (future) moms at thé yearly event in the Rai Amsterdam. Curious as to what makes the Negenmaandenbeurs an event not to be missed? Read on and no worries for the gentlemen among us: there will be plenty to do for fathers as well!

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How do parents celebrate love?

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February, the month of love, has commenced, which has to be celebrated! Do you celebrate it with your partner, friends or family? Or maybe just by taking a moment to yourself? From a weekend away, a day at the spa or simply going out for dinner… We asked 7 parents how they celebrate love!

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Do you know the benefits of a babysitter?

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Exciting to arrange a babysitter for your kids as a (future) mom or dad? No worries! We give you some handy tips and important benefits of having a babysitter. Discover what a sitter can mean for you and your family! 

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A fun day out with Kidsproof

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This month, Charly Cares has been featured on Kidsproof, the website with the most fun tips and outings for kids and the whole family! Kidsproof is one of the partners of Charly Cares. Every month, they send out a great newsletter with the best tips for each region. In total, they are active in 20 different cities, including Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam, The Hague and Haarlem. This month, Charly Cares shines together with Naïf in the Kidsproof newsletter!

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How do you combine work and motherhood?

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Both working moms and parents who take full care of the children are faced with the daily struggles. To keep it all balanced, you could use some extra arms! Unfortunately this is not possible, but all parents have superpower! From taking good care of the kids to the daily household; somehow you manage to succeed every parent job every single time. Mother Barbara den Hollander also endure these struggles every day; to give fellow busy parents a helping hand, she gives a few tips from her own experiences that you can put into practice immediately! Enjoy the read.

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Charly Cares loves Naïf

Naif Website

Spending time together makes it feel like love is all you need. But a good balance in your work life, health and kids who feel good about themselves are also necessary. Naïf Quality Baby & Kids Care helps out with that. Their line for babies and kids consists of products featuring natural ingredients. Lovely products for your little one’s sensitive and soft cheeks!

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What could a fixed babysitter mean for your family?

Charly Cares Winter 3 Bewerkt

The New Year has arrived! You might have already made some new year’s resolutions for 2018, or you may have already started working again, with the kids and the household. A fixed babysitter could help you start your new year in a relaxed way. But what exactly is a fixed babysitter? What are the benefits and what could a fixed babysitter do for your family? Find out here!

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4x the best things to do during Christmas!

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For most Christmas-lovers, the cosiest month of the year has arrived: December! Cities are being decorated with the prettiest Christmas lighting, the holidays are just around the corner and the best activities are being organised. Because of this, we have already assembled a list for you with 4 of the best things to do during the Christmas season:

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