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This is what the ideal day out in the sun looks like for you kids

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We’re having such lovely weather! Amazing. Warm temperatures. Lots of sunshine. Much needed after a long winter. Still, chances are you have to work and you would still like your kids to go out and have fun. So, what does an ideal day look like? Charly Cares gives tips!

Because sitting inside when the sun is out is not good. The kids need to be outside! How do you make sure a sunny day goes according to plan? Here we go:

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Charly's favourites

Den Haag De Parade 1

In this summer heat, the festival season is also fast approaching. Meaning that, besides all those sunny terrace days, it’s also time to spontaneously visit the best parties and festivals. Haven’t yet caught the festival fever? We have!! Which is why we have collected the best to do’s to turn this around.

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Mama knows best


Milk as a plant food, paracetamol against mouth ulcers and tricks to lessen nausea: mama knows best! Read the 10 most popular tips from moms, how many do you recognise?

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Are you already prepared for King's Day?

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For some, King's Day is the most fun party of the year. For others, an extra stressful moment: what do I wear this time? Well, orang is just no the most flattering colour. But still, it is amazing to see the Netherlands gradually colour orange on Willem Alexander's birthday. We give you 5 tips to enjoy the ultimate kingsday!

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Celebrate Easter in your own city!

Easter Hunt

Easter is almost here, are you ready yet? Two super fun days to get spring off to a good start. And that is of course something you would rather do together. We have collected the most fun things to do during Easter: from an Easter boot camp to a Bach performance. Find the most fun Easter tips for your region!

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Discover the art of effectively communicating with children:

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At Charly Cares, we understand very well how parenthood can be an exciting adventure full of challenges. The typical dinnertime struggle, the cleaning of rooms or tucking the kids in can all be very exhausting. A little bit of extra help is often more then welcome in that case. But where to begin? We have the answer!

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Come get these giveaways!

Afbeelding Blog

Charly Cares gives: for all new members, there will be a well filled goodiebag waiting! They also have a shot at the most fun promotions from brands such as Koeka, Mr. Starsky & Pockies. The best giveaways for all moms but of course mostly for the kids!

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7 reasons why you cannot miss the Negenmaandenbeurs

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From 21 until 25 February, the Negenmaandenbeurs will be here again! Charly Cares will be there – with an excusive stand – to meet all (future) moms at thé yearly event in the Rai Amsterdam. Curious as to what makes the Negenmaandenbeurs an event not to be missed? Read on and no worries for the gentlemen among us: there will be plenty to do for fathers as well!

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How do parents celebrate love?

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February, the month of love, has commenced, which has to be celebrated! Do you celebrate it with your partner, friends or family? Or maybe just by taking a moment to yourself? From a weekend away, a day at the spa or simply going out for dinner… We asked 7 parents how they celebrate love!

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