Charly's ReviewsReviews & Ratings from parents about the Babysitting Angels

In addition to the personal screening, every babysitter is assessed after every babysitting service. The Babysitting Angel receives a rating from the parent based on 5 stars, often supplemented with a written review. These rating and review are visible for every parent and the Angel in particular. Charly Cares monitors these reviews and will intervene when it is necessary. By doing this, we keep continuously control of our Babysitting Network and offer transparency to parent and babysitter.

More information about our screening

Lydia from Haarlem

“Ging prima. Kinderen sliepen rustig”

Jeroen from Amsterdam

“Ben gevlogen naar andere tijdszone dus timer werkt niet goed dus weet niet zeker of helemaal klopt”

Lydia from Haarlem

“Klikte erg goed met de kinderen. Is met hen naar buiten gegaan.”

Manel from 's-Gravenhage

“Wat kan ik zeggen... Phillipine is onze favoriete Angel. Onze jongens vinden het jammer als we te vroeg thuiskomen. Het is immers te leuk met Phillipine.”

Maricruz from 's-Gravenhage

“Nice first impression. She was at ease around my children. They have enjoyed playing with her. We will keep in touch!”

Lisa from Amsterdam

“Cylvia is fantastic. She plays with both children and they love it!”