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For parents who book a Babysitting Angel about once a month

  • Monthly terminable
  • € 7,50 per service

2 per month

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For parents who book a Babysitting Angel more than once a month

  • 1 month free trial!*
  • Monthly terminable
  • € 3 per service

6 per month

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For parents who book a Babysitting Angel a lot

  • Monthly terminable
  • No extra fees or costs

25 per month

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* try it out for a month without the subscription fee. You can cancel your trial subscription free of charge within the month.

Frequently asked questions about the subscription

Does Charly Cares apply a cancellation period?

The membership is monthly terminable. Charly Cares does apply a cancellation period of one month. You can also change your membership to single booking or completely terminate your membership.

How can I terminate my membership?

Log into your account > go to payments > your membership > click on change membership > edit and select here ‘cancel membership’. Please keep in mind that Charly Cares applies a cancellation period.

Which payment options do you offer?

At this moment you can pay directly debit via iDEAL, Mastercard and SEPA. The payment goes through Adyen, our payment service provider. Adyen makes it possible for you to pay online after every babysitter service.

Do I receive an invoice after each babysitter service?

Directly after the babysitter service you will receive a payment overview in your invoice map. You can find this under your inbox.

How do I pay the sitter?

The babysitter service ends only by exactly completing the following steps:

Step 1 The babysitter service will be completed in consultation/agreement with/of the babysitter upon returning home.

Step 2 Stop the babysitter timer by logging onto the app. Press the ‘STOP TIMER’ button (this can be done on a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop).

Step 3 The start- and/or end time can be changed in mutual agreement with the babysitter, for instance when the babysitter service started later or earlier.

Step 4 Evaluate the Babysitting Angel on the basis of reasonableness and fairness. The evaluation is objective and based on demonstrable facts → The user can evaluate the babysitter with 0 to 5 stars (babysitter service: 0 = unsatisfactory, 5 = excellent). It is also possible to write a review about the Babysitting Angel. Your rating and review can help other parents in their choices!

Step 5 Click on the ‘Agree and pay’ button to pay the Angel. The payment will automatically be put in motion.

NOTE: the total amount does not include transaction costs. The amount of the transaction is dependent on the “Membership” that you have selected.

How can I cancel a booking as a parent and what are the cancellation costs?

As a parent you can cancel a booking the following way:  go to ‘my bookings’ and click on the booking that you want to cancel.

Then click on the button ‘cancel booking’ and the booking will be cancelled. The Babysitter Angel will automatically be notified about the cancellation.

The cancellation costs are: 

  • Until 24 hours before the start of the babysitter service  >  free of charge
  • 24 hours to 3 hours before the start of the babysitter service  >  only cancellation fee of € 3,50 
  • 3 hour before the start of the babysitter service  >  1 uur * + cancellation fee of € 3,50**
Babysitters for every moment
Babysitters for every moment

For every moment a reliable babysitter Last-minute, flexible & fixed babysitters

Are you looking for a babysitter returning on fixed moments, picking them up from school and cook a nice meal until you return from work? Stop searching! We have babysitters for those fixed moments. Book them up to several times in a row. Film night, a sport competition, or dinner at your favourite restaurant... Flexible Charly's Angels will babysit the kids for these random moments going out. A spontaneous night out or an urgent meeting at the office? No worries! You can arrange a last-minute  babysitter up to 3 hours in advance. Read more about our Babysitting Angels.

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