What can Charly Cares do for you?

  • We make sure that each Babysitting Angel is personally screened at our office, including background and reference check.

  • Through our Babysitting App, parents can easily rate the Babysitting Angel after each babysitting service, through a rating and review.

  • Our Babysitting Angels are available at any time, whether it concerns an after school babysitting service or a last-minute night out, up until 3 hours in advance.

  • You book and pay the Angel with ease through our Babysitting App.

  • The support team is there 24/7 to help you with a booking or replacement in case of illness of the babysitter.

  • Furthermore, the support team continuously monitors the quality of the Babysitting Angels, through our review system & quality check.

Calculate which membership suits you

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  • After-school babysitter
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Our advice

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Choose your membership

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Frequently asked questions about the subscription

How can I terminate my membership?

Log into your account > go to payments > your membership > click on change membership > edit and select here ‘cancel membership’. Please keep in mind that Charly Cares applies a cancellation period.

Which payment options do you offer?

At this moment you can pay directly debit via iDEAL, Mastercard and SEPA. The payment goes through Adyen, our payment service provider. Adyen makes it possible for you to pay online after every babysitter service.

Does Charly Cares apply a cancellation period?

The membership is monthly terminable. Charly Cares does apply a cancellation period of one month. You can also change your membership to single booking or completely terminate your membership.

How can I get babysitting credits when I referred a friend to Charly Cares?

When you invite people via Charly Cares you and the people you invite, can earn babysitting credits to use for a booking. 

Invite friends on Charly Cares 

To earn babysitting credits you can go to your dashboard in your account. Via the refer a friend you can send a link to your friends. When friends click on the link, they will receive the babysitting credits automatically on their first booking via Charly Cares. The credits will automatically showed on their membership page of a possible booking. 

When your friend complete his or her first booking, you will get babysitting credits for your own bookings via Charly Cares. You can earn €2000,- babysitting credits in total.

Read more in user agreement.

Use your babysitting credits 

Your available babysitting credits will be appear automatically in your membership page. When your babysitting credits doesn't added automatically to a booking, it means that you can't use this babysitting credits on this booking. Or it will mean that your friend hasn't book or completed the booking yet. 

Babysitting credits can't be used with bookings that are already paid. But they are available and will be added with your next booking. Babysitting credits will expire after a year (starts at when the babysitter credits are given) or when there is another date noted. The credits can only be used once, also when you cancel a booking where you added the credits.