Amsterdam MamasCommunity for parents in the big city

Amsterdam Mamas is the fastest growing community for (international) parents in Amsterdam and surroundings. The community want to provide all the information and entertainment parents need or find interesting. In addition, Amsterdam Mamas connects with companies that wants to connect with the parents community. This way, parents within the community can get to know companies, like Charly Cares. 

  • Community in the big city Amsterdam

    The community of Amsterdam Mamas is a "small village" in the big city of Amsterdam. Amsterdam Mamas offers (expat) families the opportunity to meet other families and businesses.

  • The family is the most important thing

    Amsterdam Mamas provides information about raising the children, fun activities for the family and the best sports for the little ones.

  • Connection between the community & business

    Amsterdam Mamas gives companies the opportunity to tell their story to the Amsterdam Mamas community, to connect with the community and to get more brand awareness with the community.